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Mad Chaos: Sunday, May 12, 1996

I didn’t have enough time to write for yesterday so I’ll have to do it now.

Kentlyn Group Hangout

Last night I got picked up around 9:00 pm by William and Astor because Keith told Rory to pick me up and he fucked off somewhere with Carey and Rory had a full car and everyone was at Kentlyn… again.

Drive Shawn’s Car

Last night was alright but not as good as tonight.  Last night we went to Kentlyn and stayed out with a couple of the guys and we were all over the place and Shawn let me and Imad drive his car around.  Well, he let George drive it but I got a go in it.

Alone with Natasha

Everyone left after that for a drive each.  I was left with Janice and Natasha by myself with only William’s car there and a fire to keep me company.  I didn’t do anything and I didn’t really want to because Janice was drunk as on Goon.  Natasha was a bit drunk and I don’t like that.

After everyone came back we went back to Campbelltown and bummed around a bit with half of the original crowd.

That night was over so let’s talk about today and tonight.

Teeny Boppers Musical Jam with Ralf and Shawn

Today I woke up at 2:00 pm.  Later I got a call from Shawn and Ralf.  They came over with an amplifier and Ralf’s guitar.  I hooked up my piano to the audio jack in my system, and we jammed a bit and made up a song about all the group.

Well, we made up a bit of a rap/mix about the group and it isn’t finished.   We filled up a side and a half of our jam session and in years to come it will be good to look back on, If I still have it!  We spent about 4 hours altogether on it and then we decided we were going to go out somewhere.

Wollongong Cruise with Ralf and Shawn

We went to Wollongong and looked around for chicks.  We went in Ralf’s car, the music was pumping, and I had a pocket full of condoms.  You never know what would have happened that night.   We saw these chicks and one of them had gorgeous legs.  Her face was pretty good but not all that.  We could have had plenty but we didn’t try.

We cruised around there for about 3 hours in the car and on foot, and then we came home the scenic and long way which took one hour.  We were caning it on the highway’s reaching 160 km/h at one stage.

Stealing Oil from Caltex

Coming home from Wollongong we stopped off at a petrol station to fill up.  I went over to the stand when the guy was serving Ralf.  I picked up a battery for a car and it was empty, so I put it down and Shawn picked up some Helix oil worth $40.

Campbelltown MSP Cruise

When we got back we cruised around Campbelltown for chicks and we were going for an M.S.P about 6 times.  I saw Two 1988 Celica, one red one and one grey one.  Overall we didn’t try to pick up but still had a sick time.

Winding Down

I have too much late nights, but it’s worth it.

Right now, I have meat pie in the oven.  I’m listening to the tape we produced then am going to eat my food and go to sleep.

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