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Mad Chaos: Saturday, May 4, 1996

Last night was a pretty good night.

Rory’s House Party

We all went out after I called some people.  At first we went to Rory’s house because there was going to be a party there but he got shitty and left his own party.   Otis Scrivens, Percival Lincoln (the one that rides a racer), Gayla Sexton, Pollie and all the other druggos were there, as well as the normal who were Ralf, Keith, Shawn, Rory, Palmer, Dina, Imad, Janice, Tino, Astor, Anxo, some boys from Pizza Hut, Hudson and later that night we saw Miroslav.

Drive to Meat Mart

After Rory had a sook we went out to the Meat Mart and Keith went and got his Van and about 8 of us including Carey and a friend she brought that Noah was trying to get onto.

Kentlyn Burnouts

We took the van to Kentlyn and done burnouts all over the road.  It was a rainy day last night and today and that didn’t help us when Keith thrashed the van a bit too much where the clutch burnt out, and we had to call Rory on Keith’s mobile.  Rory by the way had the only mobile, it was on low batteries, and he also got sympathy from Carey when he broke the car down.

Rory Saves The Day

Rory came and used his cadet skills to tie a McGyver knot so he could tow the two cars.  Bình who was with us all night (but I forgot to mention before) came with Otis Scrivens in his car and another guy from Pizza Hut with a loud system, and with Miroslav.

I can say that Rory can’t tow a car for shit and the rope broke once because he took off too quickly around a corner.

Woodbine McDonalds

After we got the van to Keith’s house, we went to Woodbine McDonalds and stayed there for about 1 hour.  Then everyone went home.  Some people went to Rory’s house and stayed there for the night.

Tonight, Keith and all the older boys are going out clubbing, so it’s either we go to Mandy’s friend’s party or we don’t do anything for Saturday night.

Planning Tomorrow

I was thinking about writing a letter to Kathryn just out of the blue to see how she will react.  I think I will start writing as soon as I stop writing this.

I’m listening to Alanis Morissette.  I’m going to sign off now and write my letter…  Maybe!

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