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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, April 30, 1996

Well, ask me if I went to the Gym today!!!! I didn’t go to the gym today? Why you ask? Because it’s a long story but here goes.

Imad Calls

Imad rang me at 8:30 am in the morning today and told me he was jigging school and coming over around 11:00 am.  I said fine and went back to sleep.

Keith Comes Over

Then I got woken up by my mum at 9:30 am because Keith was at my door and he wanted me to go with him out.  I had to get dressed real fast because he says he was late but he really wasn’t.  So I just got dressed and forgot my wallet and my good luck Necklace and I had shitty luck until I put it on.

Trip to Car Wreckers

We went to put his car in the car wreckers so he could fix it because his back tire blew and he ran the car into the gutter and fucked one of the other wheels.  That took 3 hours in all and I still haven’t had a thing to eat yet.

Drive in a Celica 1986

Then we finally drop his car off and the good thing about that is that we got to go home in a Toyota Celica 86/88 Model and it caned.  I have to admit for loving a Celica and not being in one before I found the Celica a sick car to drive.  It was very smooth around corners and it hammered easily and at the same time you could stick to the speed of the roads.  The engine was very quiet and when you caned it, it was very loud and sounded like a rotary.  I LOVE IT!!!

Today I saw about 25 Celica’s of all kinds.  They just kept popping up and they were all around Campbelltown.  Fuck I want a Celica and when I get a job I am going to try to save as much money as I can to get a Celica.  I will probably save every second week’s pay.

Later on when my brother fixes the Gemini a bit, I might drive that around delivering Pizza for Pizza Hut when I get my P’s.  I think I will be a good driver but I will need a bit of practice for a manual car because I am already good with automatics.  They are piss easy.

Trip to Social Security

After that we got Keith’s mum’s car and went to Campbelltown and had to wait for about 1 hour in line at the Social Security so he could put a claim in and I still haven’t eaten yet.

Trip to Keith’s House

We then went to Keith’s house and before we were about to leave he gave me something to eat but, it wasn’t enough to feed me.

While at Keith’s house I was out the front with Tino and I was playing basketball and they were renovating the commission houses and there was mud all over the floor and I got it all on my Adidas Pants.

Trip to Pick Imad Up

We then went to pick up Imad and after that we went to my house where I actually got to put my Necklace on and get my wallet.

Now when I got my good luck charm on good things started to happen.

Drive Keith’s Car in Catholic Club

For a starters Keith went to the Catholic club and took 40 dollars with him to try and win on the pokies and while he was gone he said “You can drive my mum’s car around while I’m inside but you can only stay in the carpark.”  We said fine and me and Imad had 4 turns each and did we fucken thrash it.  That was the first time I actually got to thrash a car and see what I could do and what I couldn’t do.

I done fishies and Chirpies and I done handbrakies and I also done 360’s and all that and I was doing corners and skids all the time in the carpark and getting 70 KMS/H in a carpark in Keith’s  mum’s car.  Then Keith came back.

Trip to Carey’s House

After that we went to Keith’s woman’s house whose name is Carey, the one I met in McDonalds and tried to get onto but she was too weird for me.

After that he dropped me and Imad off at my house.

CES Job Boards

I left Imad at my house and went to check out the Jobs at the CES in Campbelltown.  I took one hour and then I came back at about 5 pm.

Imad Visits Dina

Imad was leaving my house to go to Dina Florinda’s house who he is now going out with.

Trip to Pizza Hut with Keith

About 30 minutes after that Keith came and picked me up and we went to Pizza Hut where I got a free feed of Pizza and a Coke.  I had to hassle it for him but I got it and during work he went to Carey’s house and he let me drive his car for a while.  Then when he finished work today he dropped Imad off home and I got one more drive off him but from Campbelltown to home.

Drove Keith’s Car Home

I had to bag him heaps for that too because he was trying to squirm out of giving me a drive but he owes me heaps for what I do for him and his comeback is that he drives me around everywhere.  Like fuck, and that’s all he’s got on me anyway.

Leumeah Park for Bình’s birthday

We didn’t go out tonight because there wasn’t enough planning.  Instead we made our way to Leumeah Park for a while where we helped Binh celebrate his birthday.

The Gossip Mill

Rory was trying to get attention by saying he had a sore back from hitting the motorbike yesterday.  What happened as he says anyway was, he was turning a corner and a motorbike lost control and slid into his Tank, I mean… car, and hit the back of the car (nowhere near the front I might add) and he says he is injured from that.  Imad thinks he said that so he can get sympathy and so the girls will go for him, and it might be right.

Natasha Gave Rory Head

I heard that Natasha – the one that I know from Macdonald’s when she was seeing Rory and when we went to the blowhole in Sydney that night – was giving Rory head that night while he was driving the car with Keith and Carey in the back.  I really want a blow-job more than anything right now so I might go for her just for that because I know she likes me and I wouldn’t mind her because she isn’t going out with Rory anymore.

Rory Fingers Sherry

Get this, Rory was asked to Sherry’s house (yes the one that was seeing Palmer), so he went over there and gave her a finger.

Mandy Fucks Rory

Then he came back later that night and we were out with Dina Florinda and all that at Leumeah Park for Bình’s birthday and he came back and got onto Mandy and I walked in on him in his car.

I called Mandy a slut and she had a big spit at me but I chopped her bad and almost made her cry because she is such a slut.  She tries to get onto everyone.  That night the argument started because she was grabbing my balls and I told her if she done it again I’d do something about it and I did, and got her scared.


Now I’m home and I am going to play on the computer for a while and then get ready for tomorrow’s appointment at Parramatta with Smalls who might hire me as a Data Entry Operator depending on how good I am on the day.

I hope I feel like doing some weights tomorrow because I don’t have a pay role anymore.

It is now 11:50 pm and I am going to sign off.

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