East vs West

April 9, 1996

Humphry’s Birthday

Yesterday I called Rod and we went out at night because I couldn’t go to gym, reason being that it was closed on Easter Monday.  We went out to Campbelltown and we were out for Humphry‘s birthday and everyone again got drunk except for me.  It was a good night out.

WordPerfect Class

I felt drained out at Class today because I only had a milkshake in the morning and then a Magnum ice cream for lunch, but now I am feeling a bit more energetic after eating vitamin complex.

Today I played around with Emma a bit more and she was playing around with me too.  For example she put her arm on my leg right next to my “Other leg”, to see what I was doing and she always found a reason to touch me or to call me so I can see what she was doing on the computer, and I don’t mind that at all.

We got a one-hour lunch and her Jeff and I walked around all day for that hour.  I know I will get her number by the end, when class is over.

I found out she was going to a rave on Saturday night with her man.  Speaking of her man, when she talks about him (which was only once today), she just pops him up whenever he gets mentioned.  She never really talks about him at all, so sparks might not be flying that much over there.

When I was in class, Harley went to do something to Jeff’s computer and instead of going around me she purposely (or I’d like to believe anyway) put her chest in my face so I could feel her tits.  I hope that’s what she meant anyway or else she’s sending out a strong message.


I just went shopping and I’ve bought a shit-load of meats including steak, chicken and a lot of fish.  I’ve also got tons of pasta and spaghetti.  So, I will be stocked for the next two weeks to come.  I also got some prawns so I could try them out.

Today I bought some Multivitamin shit that has all the vitamins in one and it tastes like shit.  I got 100 tablets of the stuff.  It cost me $7 too so that was a bit of a waste.

Gym Preparation

I have to go to the gym soon, and I have to go on Wednesday and Friday and Saturday.

I have to do Chest today and I am looking forward to it.  I also have biceps to do today and I’m looking more forward to that.

I’ve got a can of Ham and Pea soup cooking before I go to the Gym for some energy and I will get 50 Grams of carbohydrates and 16 Grams of protein and only 9 Grams of fat in all that.

It’s time to eat and go to the gym now and I will be back in about an hour to tell me all about it.

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