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April 16, 1996

Pen and Paper Diary Entry

The first thing I have to say today is that the TV is on the blink (for now anyway), so I’m copying this diary entry onto the Amiga 500 computer from written form off a book.

Brother Released From Jail

Also Eric came back today and got let off at 3:00 pm from prison, but I still haven’t seen him yet.

Skillshare WordPerfect 5.1 Test

I went to my course today and we had a test, which I “know” I passed with flying colors.  I know I got at least 99% right and would have finished the test in about 1.5 hours, but instead I had to help almost everyone in the class and that held me back 2 hours.  I also had a system crash and I lost a whole document but I still finished first and I think I should get a distinction.

Emma was pretty playful with me today but she still stuck to Jeff a lot.

See Keith and Mandy

After that I went and saw Keith and Mandy was with him.  Speaking of Mandy I saw her yesterday at the bus stop on my lunch break and she’s going to meet me there tomorrow at lunch.  She also knows now that I like Harley pretty much.

I know Harley’s phone number and I remembered it.  But she’s going out with William Wishmonger so, I’m going to stay low for a while.

Exercise Results

I’m getting better in the chest now and it now has more mass and a distinct line from the sternum.  My triceps are also getting better and my biceps are kicking ass.

I have just measured my biceps and calves and in the time last measured which was July 1994 (21 months), I’ve gained 6 Kilo’s and also 1/2 inch on my arms and Calves.

Tomorrow I do my Quads, Hams and Abs and I am going to try to get 300 pounds on the Leg Press and I’m going to do some form of Squats, maybe on the Smith Machine.  I am definitely not doing it free weights.

Not much to say now.  I didn’t have much to eat today, not enough to write down anyway.  It was 11:26 pm when I was writing this and I am just going to add that.

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