East vs West

April 14, 1996

Piano Playing Tubular Bells

I spent most of today just sitting at home and playing the piano.  I played Tubular Bells and learning new parts on it.

But, around midday Keith, Imad and Mandy came to my house.  I told them to come in and we talked for a while.  Imad ate almost all of my Vitamin C’s.  IDIOT!!

Paddy Bashing Behind Macarthur Square

Keith left about half an hour later and came back around 10:00 pm at night with Mandy.  We went out to the Meat Mart and met Ralf where I got back my CD from being borrowed to play in the car last night.  I had a sick night last night.

We went out again and this time I left my bike at Pizza Hut and got into Rory’s car.  We were going to go to the track behind the Macarthur Square Mall.  When we got there I was in Brodie’s car and he fucken caned the car up the track like a fucken Rally Driver.

We hit everything in our path on a dirt track and we went around corners side-on and we done hand-brakies to stop and spun the whole car.  What a fucken experience!  When Mandy went in the car to experience what it was like, she had no seat belt so, she was clinging to me, and I was just laughing at her, laughing all the way until we stopped.  Fucken hilarious!

Rory was in one of his moods again and everyone except for Palmer and that’s about it.

When I came back home I thought to myself “I’m having a good time”, and then when I turned on my System I saw the Receiver Box turn on for about half a minute and that made me feel like “Yeah!”

I had a good day today and it’s not over yet.

Meal Plan (10)

I followed my food intake program today and I only had three meals.  I was going to have some egg whites but it’s too late and I can’t be bothered making them.

This is what I ate today.

Meal One: 300g Yogurt, 200g Spaghetti, Cordial.
Meal Two: 3 Potatoes, 2 eggs, 500g Chicken, 250g Brussel sprouts, 2 Vitamin C Tablets.
Meal Three: Milkshake, 200g Yogurt, 200g Corn, 6 Liver Paste breads, 1 Multivitamin Tablet.


Calories: 3100
Carbohydrates: 413.7 grams 52.0% of Calories
Fat: 54.9 grams 15.5% of Calories,
Protein: 259.1 grams 32.5% of calories.

Tomorrow I go back to Skillshare and I almost forgot about Emma for a while this week.  The week has been so long with Keith, Ralf and Rory and all them that I forgot about Emma.  I’ve got to remember to take a pen tomorrow.

Dreams through Ambition

Keith said to me tonight that he is going to go to the army and get a traineeship so he can be an engineer or own his own business.  He also told me, next time I get a job interview to go to him and he will give me a good suit and good shoes and I will look good and get a job.

It won’t be long until I get my life on track now.  I’m getting closer and closer to my Toyota Celica.  I’m thinking of getting a Toyota Celica 84′ Edition for about $5,000 and then fixing it up and caning in that for a while, and then get myself the latest Celica when I’m sick and got sick money coming in.

Time now to play the piano, and then go to sleep.

I might consider working at Centacom.

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