March 30, 1996

Diary Archive Plan

Today is the second last day of the Month.  Next Month I will put this diary in an Archive format and save it on another disk so it doesn’t get lost.


I did my workout about 2:15 pm and finished at 3:15 pm so I did a one-hour workout.

After the workout I went out and talked to Denim about this girl that works in his Gym.  I can’t remember her name but he said she was about 18 years old and for me he was going to ask her what school she went to.  I will find out the response on Monday when I go to train the Chest.  I really have seen her somewhere before.  I just can’t put my finger on it.  Or maybe she just looks like someone I knew before, but I do know that she is hot and beautiful and sexy and all that!

Gym Routine

Warm-Up: For my warm up I jumped on the Bike for 5 minutes and for the last 30 seconds on the Bike I raised the Difficulty to 240 and pedaled till I lost 25 calories.

I then went and done some stretches for the Shoulders like putting the hand across the Body and stretching the back of the Shoulder.

Shoulders: My first set was with the Lateral Raises Machine for the Shoulders and I did a warm up set of 20 or so pounds and done it for 15 reps.

I then jumped on the Overhead Pulley’s and done some Triceps Pushdowns on a straight Bar and done 15 reps in Controlled manner with 40 pounds (can’t remember).

I then rushed over to do 3 sets of Seated Dumbbell Presses and started off with 25 pounds and done 15 reps slowly and controlled.  My next set I went up to 40 pounds on each Side and pressed with great difficulty 8 hard reps and figuring I couldn’t do that again I went to 35 pounds and I done another 8 hard reps trying to keep my back on the pad and not moving around and favoring my arms.

I then went to the Machine Overhead Press and started with 80 pounds and managed to get out 5 reps with a standard shoulder-width grip but on the next set I dropped down to 60 pounds and done 10 reps with my hands very widely-spaced.

I then went and got some 15 pound dumbbells and done some Lateral Dumbbell Raises for 12 reps with that weight, and then, I got 20 pounders and I done another 10 Grueling reps and focused on the way I was bringing up the weight.  I then done another set of that weight for another 10 reps but when I finished I done Drop sets and Picked up 15 pounders and done another 4 reps and then I immediately picked up the 10 pounders and got out another 5 reps.

I had a bit of a rest and then I went to do Dumbbell Front Arm Raises and started with 15 pounders and done 12 reps.  I then picked up the 20 pounders and I done another 10 reps but I had some trouble and for about 4 reps I had to do one arm at a time because of Fatigue setting in.  My last set was the same with 20 pounds on Each Dumbbell and doing 10 reps but with renewed strength.

Triceps: First I done some stretching for the Triceps and it was hard.  I started with the Cable Lying Tricep Extensions and started with 25 pounds for 15 reps.  I did them with strict control and throughout this exercise I done all sets with strict control.  My second set was with 45 pounds and I done that for a count of 12 reps and then I had a bit of a rest (By the Way I saw Tyrrell from the Feeling Fit about now).  My last set was with 50 pounds and for 10 reps.

I then decided to do Close Grip Bench-Presses.  I started with 40 pounds and I done 12 reps once again trying to keep the elbows in and trying to bring the bar up straight.  My second set was with 60 pounds and I done that for another 12 reps but with just a bit wider a grip than last time.  My last set was with the same weight and I done 12 more reps trying to keep my elbows in.

Forearms: I was pretty tired by now and I thought I should only do 3 sets all up for this body part, but 3 sets was enough for a great pump.

I did wrist curls and I started with 35 pounds on a Barbell and done 15 reps with my Thumbs under the Bar.  My next two sets were with a 40 pound bar and I done for both of them 12 reps each.

Abdominals: I started by doing 20 reps of crunches and I was pretty tired by now but not over-trained.  I done another set of 20 reps and then I went onto the Low Ab Crunches machine and done 8 reps on that (what a master at this machine I am?).

I then jumped onto the Cable Crunch Machine and done with 25 pounds Side Crunches for 10 reps and then I took it up to 40 pounds and did another 10 reps to each side.

Warm-down: I jumped on the bike for about 2 minutes and lost 5 calories.  I also relaxed by gazing at the girl at the front counter.  I think her name was Valerie.

Basketball with Denim

After that I went for about an hour and talked to Denim and played basketball and looked at Valerie for a while.

Muscle Pains

Today My Hamstrings are hurting a bit more and my legs are about the same and my Glutes are hurting more too.  I can feel my intercostal muscles already from the side Crunches I done today.

I also weighed myself today and from the start of the month I weighed 69 Kilos but now I weigh 70.5 Kilos and that’s 3.3 Pounds heavier than I was last if I am not mistaken.  I am going to aim for 73 Kilos by the end of April 1996.

Tomorrow I go fishing and the next day I go into the next month with a start to the computer course for Skillshare.

Author: 钨宝

The author of Diary Of A Mad Chaos from 1996 to 2018, The Lost Years book, Wubao In China (猎艳奇缘) book series, and Foreigner (华人) an exploration of race relations in Australia. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Macedonian, and English, the author currently resides in China, Guangzhou where he continues to make comparative analysis of the cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies.

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