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March 27, 1996

Well, I woke up at 9:30 a.m. with help of an alarm I set on my stereo system.  I built muscle during my sleep and I still feel sore in the Chest, Triceps and Biceps.


I went to the meeting.  I am as good as in, but I have to get up at 7:30 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday for 4 weeks so I can make it for 9:00 a.m.


I was anabolic almost all day and when I went to the Gym at 2:00 p.m. today I didn’t know what to work out.  My Triceps were hurting so much from the last session of Chest that I couldn’t do Triceps and Shoulders on that day.  So I thought I’d do Back.  When I got there I started to query whether I’d get the same effect with fatigued Biceps, so I thought I’d do my Legs today, but they too were sore from riding the bike.  I finally ended up doing my Back and it was a mentally focused killer of a work out.

Warm Up: As I usually do, I went onto the Stationary Bike for 3 minutes and I burnt off 15 calories.

Then I did a Stretch for the back consisting of leaning onto the wall with my hands over my head curving my back.

Latissimus: My first three sets were warm ups.

My first set was on the Lat pull-downs but with a Hammer Curl Grip.  I did 15 reps of that in strict form and focusing on every rep to be done right.

Then I jumped onto the Seated cable rows with a Thumbs up grip on the bar and did 15 reps of that with maybe 30 pounds on it for a warm up.

I then went onto the Overhead Straight arm Pull-down and hammered out 12 reps with about 30 pounds.

Now after the warm up is done I go to doing 3 Sets of Seated Cable Rows starting off with 70 Pounds and doing 12 reps with strict execution.  Then my second set was done with 90 pounds and doing 10 reps and my last set was with 70 pounds again doing 12 reps.

Now I moved to the T-bar row and I stack it with 80 pounds and hammer out 10 reps and thinking I can top on more I go to 90 pounds and do 6 reps and then pause to catch my grip and finish off to 10 reps.

I then move onto One Arm Rows and my first set was 40 pounds or so and I done 10 reps in each arm.  Then I done another set with 50 pounds and I done 10 more reps but I had to pause to get my grip for both hands.

After that I tried to do a heavy set of Wide-grip Pull-downs and succeed in doing 12 reps with 60 pounds, not my biggest weight but until I get Wrist Straps then I could lift that heavy without losing my grip.

My last set was with a machine I call the Lat Pushdown Pulley Machine.  I done one set on this and I used 180 pounds.

Erectors: After getting a drink I went onto doing a set of Back Hyper Extensions for 20 reps and no weight and holding every second rep for 2 seconds without going down again.  I Kind of Super-setted that with Upright rows.  I did 3 sets of Back Hyperextensions for 20 reps each.
Trapezius: I did 3 sets of Upright rows.  My first set as with 20 pounds and I found this relatively easy so I went to 40 pounds for another 2 sets of 10 reps.
Warm Down: I went onto the Exercise Bikes and went for minutes and went slowly burning off 10 calories before evacuating the Gym to go home and eat food.

Meal Plan

Speaking of food I had a lovely lunch (3rd meal) today.  I made it myself and it was very nourishing but I might need a little more protein through the night so I might eat some Egg Whites to get extra protein to my muscles.


I went to get a Tan today.  I felt pretty good after the Bike ride there and back.  It was a nice Tanning session.

Right now I’m aching but it’s a good ache.

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