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March 25, 1996

Heart Rate: 57 Beats

Well that was my heart rate when I woke up.  It measured 120 beats when I was training.

Last night I went to sleep at 2:30 am and then got up at 11:00 a.m.  Too long to sleep for me but I thought if I didn’t feel good when I woke up, I would have a shit work out.  But that was far from the truth.

I felt down and drained of energy before my work out.  I had some carbohydrates and it was enough but I still felt drained.

Gym Routine

I went to the gym at 2:00 pm and I worked out for 50 minutes to 1 hour.  In the course of the workout I stayed focused mentally on training and I had a great work out.

From now on I only count sets in my workouts.  I don’t do a certain amount of sets for an exercise.  I go by feel and The Instinctive Training Principle and perform enough sets for the body part until I feel it is fully flushed with blood.  Any more will just drain me into over-training because I have no more glycogen in my muscles.

Warm-Ups: I first jumped onto the Stationary Bike and did 15 calories in 3 minutes.  Then I did some stretching for the chest and then started my training session.

I warmed up for this by doing post stretches by holding onto an inanimate object and pulling away from the body with my arm.  I done this for a count of 15 and then I did my first set.

Pectoralis: My First set was Dumbbell Incline Presses and the weight I started with was 35 pounds on each side.  I done 15 reps feeling it and doing strict form for this keeping my elbows behind my shoulders and pressing out to lockout and mentally thinking how the muscle was working.  This worked great because I could feel it working and now it is aching.

The second set was a bit heavier and I think I went to 45 pounds and hammered out another 12 reps once again using strict style.  I started to feel a tiny, little twitch in the back of my neck but that disappeared by the end of the day.

My Third set was done with 55 Pounds on each dumbbell and on the 8th rep I started to conk out but I did 2 more reps using the Cheating Principle and getting a huge pump.

After that I done Bench Presses and my starting weight was 80 pounds (I have stretched the muscles at least twice by this stage.) I did 10 reps with this weight and went onto 100 Pounds.  I didn’t feel that I could or should do this weight but I put it on and I think I done 6 reps out of it.

I knew it would be useless to do another set so I went to the Decline Machine Press and warmed up on the stack with 80 pounds.  After the warm-up I did another set with 100 pounds on it for 12 reps.

My next exercise was dips on the Stack machine, where you can use the Stack’s weight to help you out on the dips.  I did 2 sets of this one with about 40 pounds help and the other with about 70 pounds help and it was hard to do both of them.  Keep in mind I didn’t have more than 2 minutes rest between each set.

Now the last three sets I did were all for Pullovers.  My first set was with 30 pounds for 15 reps.  Then I done 40 pounds for 12 reps and I then done 55 pounds for 10 reps but I got stuck on the 7th or so rep and thought I couldn’t do it but I done another 3 reps.

I was very strict for these and I found a new variation to this exercise to get more feels in the whole Chest area instead of in the Lats.  I usually do this exercise with the arms only slightly bent and going till the weight touches the ground and then I hit it back with the arms still only slightly bent.  Well my variation is to keep the arms a bit more bent and pretend you are doing a Lying Triceps Extension and keep the elbows close to the body.  Instead of moving the lower arm up you move the whole arm up and down but in a bent arm position.  This done wonders for me and I felt it deeply in the inner upper Chest.  Maybe more of the Pectoralis Minor was working but it did do the job.  When I got home and done side flex my Chest at the top was popping up tremendously.

I was going to do a set or two of Peck deck but I thought it was going to be too much so I stopped (Chest took 30 minutes).

Biceps: I started with a warm up on the Cable Preacher curls with a close grip on the cable and did 15 reps.  I then went onto Standing Cable Curls and did three sets.  This is my exercise when it comes to Biceps because I feel it taxes my muscles the most.  My first set was with 20 pounds and did a strict set of 15 reps.  My second set after a drink from the fountain was 40 pounds and I did 10-12 reps.  My third set was a tough one at 60 pounds and I did 6 reps out of this weight.  I thought that can’t be my set so, I lowered the weight to 50 pounds and did another 6 reps.

I then did two sets of Standing Dumbbell Curls.  My first set was with 35 pounds on each Dumbbell.  This exercise was a killer because after I done the Cable Curls I was half dead, so when I did this at a heavy weight I went to 7 reps and thought, “The pain feels good why quit now?”  So I did another 3 reps and finished it off.

After that I did one more set on the Cable Preacher Curls with 30 pounds for 10 reps.

Abdominals: I felt it here too.  I hit the Crunches straight away and pounded out 20 reps.

With about 30 seconds rest I went onto Cable Crunches for 12 reps, and I started to feel the burn in the Abdominals now.

I did another set of Crunches for 20 reps and I was almost going to quit on 15 but I decided to go all the way.

I done one more set of Cable Crunches at 35 something.  It goes up by 5’s so it might be kilos but I have a feeling it is Pounds.  I did 12 reps.

Then I did Side Cable Crunches for 12 reps with the same weight.

Warm-Down: I warmed down for 2 minutes to burn five calories and then I went home.

Tomorrow, hopefully I go shopping and get some food because there is no more in the house.  This was my Food Plan and what I ate for today.

Meal Plan

Meal One: Wheat Bix & Milk, 2 Pieces toast.  Cordial
Meal Two: Pasta, Cordial     — Training At Gym
Meal Three: Milkshake, 200 grams of Fish
Meal Four: Baked Beans, Mixed Vegetables, and 1 Apricot.
Meal Five: 9 Egg whites Boiled, Cordial

Calorie Plan

Calories: 2500
Carbohydrates: 316 grams (1266 calories) 52% of Calories
Fat: 31 grams (279 calories) 11% of Calories,
Protein:  230 grams (920 calories) 37% of calories.

That’s not bad for not much food in the house.

Youth Access

After I went to the gym I went to Youth Access and I unsuccessful looked for a job, but my mind wasn’t fully on the job because I still have to learn how to use Excel and I have to get my WPM and Keystrokes Per Hour Test done.

During my visit I saw Imad and he was with Berenice Valarie and he was holding her hand and he was all over her, so I guess he’s in with her.  He was looking at me as if he was waiting for me to say something bad.  He was even helping me out but I got no problem with him going out with her.  Keith might though but Keith’s always got a problem.


After that I went and got a tan at the solarium and when I got out my hair all made and nice.  So the solarium is also good for your hair and it makes it look better and more accustomed to.

My tan is starting to develop better now and I am hoping to maintain it within a week or two.  I’ll also get my shoes within the month.

The rest of the night is devoted to relaxing and getting to sleep early tonight.

It’s now 7:04 pm and that took me about an hour to do.

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