East vs West

March 24, 1996

Heart Rate: 56 Beats

This was done when I woke up this afternoon at about 12:30 pm.  I went to sleep at about 2:00 am.

Computer Games

The highlight of the day today was the Sunday Newspaper.  That’s about it.  I played on the computer all day so I could relax for the next day coming up.

Exercise Plan

Speaking of training I have to devise a work out plan and an eating plan for tomorrow and work on my Sleep.  I’ll read up on muscle mag and then do my splits, and then go to sleep really early tonight about midnight or 1:00 am and go to Gym around noon tomorrow.

Heart Rate: 66 Beats

I just done that about 5 minutes ago and I feel worn out.

I’ve only had maybe two or three full meals today.  Not enough to fill me for tomorrow so I’m going to eat again soon.  I think if I stay on the weights for 6 months or longer on a good program and fund it with amino acids and carb/protein drinks and get proper sleep, then I’m going to see some dramatic improvements in the next 6 months.  I’m just going to try to do heavy motions and try to do mass training so I can get big.

That’s all I have to say for the meantime.

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