East vs West

March 15, 1996

Well another day is about to dawn and I’m going to go to sleep soon.

Rory’s House

I just wrote to say that I have just been out.  I didn’t go to see a movie.  Instead I went to Rory’s house and sat there for a while talking about girls and sex, two favorable topics to me.


My Chest and Triceps still hurt and also my back a bit, probably from the Pullovers I’d done on Chest day.

Well not much more to say for now except that I’m going to do some deep breath exercises and do the splits if it doesn’t stress me too much.


I might go to the Solarium tomorrow.  I can’t decide yet but I might go.  I’m also going to the City for Job interviews in the CES down there.

Imad’s Birthday Plan

Tomorrow is Imad’s birthday and I’m thinking of doing something special for him, but I don’t have any dough on me, and I know no one else would chip in to get him something.  I was thinking of sending him a box in the mail with 17 candles, a dollar and a card saying, “I’ve gone to enough trouble now go buy a cupcake or something!”

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