East vs West

March 12, 1996

Keith Discusses Mandy

Last night just before midnight Keith came to my house.  He told me that Mandy – the girl (17) who he likes so much – has gone with her old boyfriend.  Keith said he could have had sex with her but he was too proud to do it.

I think he will get back together with her soon.

I had a pretty good workout yesterday.  I had a good sleep too.  I can feel my biceps in a bit of pain now.

The Daily Routine

Heart Rate: 36 Beats

When I woke up I could have miscounted the beats but I think that reading is correct.  It sounded right when I measured my heart rate.

Typing Speed Practice

I am going for my Typing speed Test on Thursday.  I know I’ll easily be over 30 words per minute but I want to get around 40 words per minute with about 95% accuracy.

I still have to go to get food for the fortnight.  It might happen around four o’ clock today.

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