East vs West

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Cultural Differences: Education In Chinese And Western Societies

In the years I have worked as an English teacher in China, I have come to appreciate the religious studiousness of Chinese students. In China,…

Teaching In China: Tutoring Conversational English To Kid In Guangzhou (家教)

Tutoring English in China (家教) Class Start (上课) China, Guangzhou, Taojin (淘金) | Private Tutoring (家教) Today I came to see my home schooling student…

Cultural Differences: Chinese Tunnel Vision versus Western Enterprise Study Practices

Chinese and Western Study Methods The Sophomore Experience The back story goes; I met 12 Chinese girls all in their sophomore year over an impromptu…

Mad Chaos: Friday, June 7, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos I am listening to relaxing music now while I am writing this, and today is yet my calmest day so…


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