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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Travel To Sydney To Watch The Fireworks

Yesterday Phoenix called me before.  She was babysitting and staying home for the New Year.

Imad then came over and borrowed some games off me.

Then I was with Ralf at about 6:00 pm.  We drove to Macarthur Square to look around.

We left for Sydney to watch the fireworks.

At first I was only going to stay in Sydney until 9:30 pm for the first fireworks only, but the trains ran all night so we stayed for longer.

Ralf dropped me off home.  Him and Shawn were going to meet me at Pizza Hut to go to the city.  Lucas was at the back and Celina was too.  We talked about Jeremy wanting to bash me while I was down there.  I laughed.

The boys got there.  First we tried to call Keith at about 7:30 pm but his phone didn’t get picked up.  So we tried to ring Miroslav, but we had to leave a message that we were going to Sydney.

Then we left for the station.

Sydney City Is Packed With Crowds

The train took us an hour and more to get to the Sydney city.  Ralf was pulling faces on the train making everyone laugh.  When we got off it was packed as a motha fucka.

We tried ringing Miroslav again.  He was driving to his house to watch the fireworks because the traffic was almost at a stop.

We walked up to where the Opera house is.  There was no air to breathe because 100 people surrounded me every meter and I was squashed.

The walk took ages but we found a good spot on-looking the Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

The Fireworks Overlooking Sydney Harbor And The Opera House

Then the fireworks started.

They didn’t really interest me, so we made fun at the fireworks, making noises babies would make if they saw the fireworks, and we pointed a lot.  Most of the people around us thought it was funny and laughed, but one wasn’t so helpful.

Half an hour later it was over.  We didn’t have as much problem getting out.

Meeting Miroslav Under Darling Harbor

We started walking around in Sydney.  We walked up to Darling Harbor where the last fireworks were going to be.

Calling up Miroslav, we met him under the bridge walkway.  He was with his woman, Redd, Jaromir, Parker, Zlatica’s sister and her friend.

Hudson was with them, but he got lost somewhere in Sydney.  We met up with him later.

I saw the countdown on top of the Walkway Bridge with Jaromir and Redd.

Then we walked towards Darling Harbor again.

Rory rang Miroslav.  He met up with us with Palmer and Saha.  We left for a walk around the Sydney Streets.

Going Sugar Crazy After Midnight

This is where we went sugar crazy and berserk.  We stopped and had a rest for a while at a corner to wait for Hudson.  Everyone that walked past we would scream ‘Happy New Year!’

Then we would scream our fucken lungs off at them and run at them.  The crazy ones would start screaming too, and we would give each other fives and throw each other in the air and do crazy bomb shit.

Hudson came with us.  We did this crazy shit to everyone we passed.  We came across some Lebs and yelled out the same shit.  What was funny about this one is that I ran up to a Leb and he was about 24 and pretty big.  I gave him a high five and then he hugged me and threw me in the air and said “I don’t even know you!”  Then I grabbed him, lifted him up off the ground and threw him in the air.

We didn’t make any trouble except for Hudson, and we didn’t get into any fights.

We walked back to Circular Quay.  That’s where everyone parted at 2:00 am in the New Year.

Acting Demented On The Train Home

Ralf, Shawn and I caught the train home.  On the way back we were being fucked, yelling out raps.  Every time someone would sit next to us we would act paranoid and act like spastics and move our heads and bodies in a spaz attack.  The good thing is everyone would always go somewhere else because of that, no matter how big they were.

Back at home, we walked together until Ralf’s house.  Then we split up to go home.

I didn’t get to sleep right up to 5:00 am.

Reflecting On The Year

I woke up at 1:30 pm.

It sounds very different when I say 1997 or even think about it, really.  I can’t say that this year went fast because, for a fact it walked by slowly.

Last year was one of trial and error, and a lot of testing.  It was all for the better.

Last year was also the year of meeting new people and getting to know them within the group.  I have lots of new people in my life at the moment.

Gym was alright last year, but not as good as I would have wanted it to be, because I took too much rest time, and didn’t grow as much as I wanted.

Keen To Ask Phoenix To Go Steady

Today I am going to see if Phoenix and me want to start a relationship for the new year, so it would be easy to keep track of anniversaries.  I have not had a long term relationship girlfriend at all in fact.  The longest I’ve ever had a girlfriend is probably 1 week or less, and that was with Pavlina and Kathryn.

I am going to ring Phoenix later on in the day to see what she has to say about this.  I think I know what the answer will be.

Planning Ahead

Keith rang me today because he thought we didn’t ring him yesterday, but in fact, we did.  He said he was going to the Centre Point Tower with Tamsen, so I didn’t want to bother him.  It turns out he stayed in Campbelltown.

Imad just rang me before writing this, asking me for some BBS numbers.

Now it is time to ring Phoenix from the shops so see ya.

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