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Mad Chaos: Sunday, January 5, 1997

Kathryn Comes Over To Apologize

Today I got woken up at 11:00 am by some knocking noise.  Slowly I gained consciousness and found that it was Kathryn knocking for the third time on my door.  So after putting on some clothes from being buck naked, I answered it, and we sat together.

When she walked in I told her to lay down on my bed.  She was wearing a short skirt that didn’t leave much to the imagination, her hair back, and a purple shirt top that made her look hot.

Today she wasn’t fussy.  Again she apologized for being a bitch.  She told me that it was from PMS, and it’s over now.  She goes on her rags in a week, and I don’t get to see her for about 2 days when she has some free time.

We went to sleep together for a while.  I couldn’t sleep knowing she was there, so I tried an advance on her, and she went along with me.

Fooling Around With Kathryn


We then fooled around.  We also talked a lot, and once again got comfortable with one another.  We picked up rhythm for a while.  She received 2 hickeys from me, one on her belly and the other on her neck.

Kathryn didn’t want to go very far today for the reason that we have to get to know each other once again, but progress was made physically and mentally.

I heard that Phoenix got back with her man, so I got angry and got with Kathryn.  But today I found out different when I rang her up.

Kathryn left at 12:30 pm.

Visit Tatton With Keith

Keith came over at 3:00 pm with some CDs for me that I can move to.

We left for Pizza Hut.  While there we left for Tatton’s house.

Tatton On A Call With Tabitha

Tatton was on the phone to Tabitha before I got there.  She blew him up while he was on the phone.  She is getting obsessed with Tatton and can’t take a hint.

From Tatton I heard that Phoenix got back with Jeremy.  I heard that from Tabitha 2 days ago.  Tabitha told Jeremy what we had done at my house, and he still wants to bash the fuck out of me, Ha ha.

I rang Phoenix from Keith’s phone and told her to ring me at my house.

While we were waiting for the phone call, Tabitha rang me about Tatton.  I told her to get off the phone.

Phoenix didn’t admit that she was going out with Jeremy to me but she did admit it to Tatton, so there is someone telling a lie to me.  She couldn’t stay on the phone for long but I told her to ring me tomorrow at 12:00 pm.  She said she would but I can’t be sure about it.

Drive To McDonalds

From there we drove back to Pizza Hut.  We went out with Jaromir, Miroslav, Keith, Simon, Redd and all these other motha fuckers.

Leaving for McDonalds, we met up with Rory and then Bình, but we didn’t do much tonight except to get free food from McDonalds from Habib’s sister.  She gave us 50 nuggets and a burger for me.

I haven’t been to the gym for a while now.  I am going to save the money coming up for some gym time.

Deciding On Kathryn Or Phoenix

I’m going to stay with Kathryn until she leaves on the 17th of this month, and then see if I can have a relationship with Phoenix after that.  Phoenix must be cheating on Jeremy still to get with me because she keeps lying to me.  She did say that she wants to be my good friend, you know what that means.

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