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Mad Chaos: Sunday, January 19, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Phoenix Calls Me

Yesterday I woke up from Phoenix ringing me.  We talked about the usual for some time.  She got me to tell her some information that she didn’t need to know, and now she is angry because I told her.

I told her to ring me on Monday, just as her dad was getting in the door yelling at her.  She might or might not ring.

Celine’s House Party

Simon rang me at 3:00 pm.  We left for Pizza Hut.  I took some CDs with me.

I left with Ralf for some deliveries.  Then Lucas came down.  We picked up Tatton.  We saw Imad down at Pizza Hut.  He came with us to Celeste’s party in Bradbury.

At first Celine’s party was shit.  I mean, she had old people inside eating watermelon, so we didn’t go in.

Hudson’s House Party

We left for Hudson’s house because of a party there.

Miroslav and Zlatica have split up.  I heard that from the source.  In the party, Zlatica was drunk off her nut.

Staying at the party for half an hour, Imad, Ali, Tatton, Lucas and I left for the city to go to a strip joint.

Before leaving we said our goodbyes to Celeste.

Imad talked to the woman that he used to work with as a kitchen hand, Rena.  She is pretty hot, 26 years of age, and very horny.  We found out that she gets onto people as young as 17 (pedophile).

She made me and Imad look good in front of the Westies like Marzio Salvatici and Kane Hampson by touching us up.

Driving To A Sydney Strip Club

Towards Sydney we blocked people so they couldn’t get past us, and got them pretty angry.  Lucas cut in front of someone who was being a smart ass.  They had to lock up to stop.

When we reached the city there was a long traffic pile up.  It took an hour to park the cars from King’s Cross.

Once out, we just walked around for an hour looking at pussy walking past.  We didn’t get in to a strip club because Imad and Tatton didn’t have age on their side.

Frustrated from no pussy, I broke some street signs down, broke some fences, and broke bottles.   Then the cops walked around the corner.  Luckily they didn’t really see anything and they just greeted us and kept on walking.

We reached the cars and tried to find our ways home.  Imad went a difficult way.

Drive To Woodbine McDonalds

We drove to Woodbine Macdonalds.

No one was there when we turned up.  Later, Ralf, Miroslav and Jaromir turned up.  We all left for Hudson’s house party again.

We stayed over the night, watching movies with some chicks there, but I didn’t want to try on the style of the night.

I slept at 5:30 am.

Planning Ahead

Waking up at 10:00 am, we talked with Hudson for a while.  Then we left his house for home.

Today I don’t have any plans.  Tatton dropped off the rest of the bats from his house, so I might put them in and see the difference they give out.

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