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Mad Chaos: Sunday, January 12, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tomorrow might be a busy day for me, depending on what time I wake up and how I go about doing my business.  I want to visit the CES.  Then I will enroll at TAFE for a course – if it is worth it.  I will also go to the gym.

Cruise Around Campbelltown

Last night Simon picked me up.  He told me how Chester Romero wants to bash him up.

Imad came over my house.  We drove to Pizza Hut and done the usual conversation.

That night we met up with Miroslav and Jaromir – who had a swollen knee from landing on it playing basketball.

We drove to Woodbine McDonalds and met up with Bình, Ned and the rest.  Nothing upped yesterday.  Bennett was with that girl that he got onto on Friday.

The last place we drove to before home was Chevys where we watched the trogs walk past us.

They wanted to go to Wollongong last night but it didn’t happen because I said to stay in Campbelltown.  Then I changed my mind, but they didn’t.  Reverse psychology.

Keith Drives Over

Keith drove over with Tamsen an hour ago.  They will be picking me up later on tonight.  Something will happen, but I will sleep before 2:00 am tonight if I want to have a good day tomorrow.

Absent From Gym

I haven’t been to the gym for at least a month now.  I don’t know how I will cope with the workout.

Kathryn Absent Again

Kathryn once again didn’t call me tonight.  I found out that she was sitting on her garage with her dad drunk as a fuck.

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