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Mad Chaos: Saturday, January 18, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

After the last entry, I left for Campbelltown.  I called Simon, but he was at work.

I was very seriously thinking about my situation on everything, before my birthday came; what I’ve achieved and how far I’ve come.  Old habits are hard to kick for me, especially relationship-wise.

I’m hating it.

Kathryn Breaks My Heart

Kathryn didn’t call me today or yesterday so that’s it for her.  I knew this would happen, so see her later.

Every woman that I want breaks my heart.  Please don’t.  While I look tough on the outside and you think you can play me, I hurt inside like everyone else.

I hurt for you.

Distressed In Campbelltown

At Campbelltown, I walked around very much just thinking.

I stopped at Pizza Hut but no one was there yet.  So I sat at the bus stop near Bình’s old shop.

I tried ringing someone but the number was wrong, and as usual, the payphone stole my money.  This is when I snapped and proceeded to damage the phone in front of everyone there.

I sat down on the bus stop seat and tried to think, but there was a stupid Aboriginal bitch there swearing her smelly cunt off, so I walked away.

Pizza Hut Runs To Clear The Mind

Tonight a lot of thoughts were going through my mind about lots of other relationships.  I really need someone to get me through this year.  I feel that if I am not connected with someone then this year I will go deeper into the ground.

I drove around with Sankar for a while at Pizza Hut and did some deliveries with Rory.  Then Keith came down with Tabitha on the phone.  Fred was also with us and Jett was with his woman.

I talked to Tabitha and she wanted us to pick her up (me and Simon), and then drive to Phoenix’s house so we can talk.  We got there.  Keith came with us.

Visit Phoenix In Camden

Phoenix instantly turned me on.  She looked far better than what I remembered her.  She had a short skirt and white buttoned top on.  I don’t know what message she was trying to get through but I will find out tomorrow, because Tabitha and her might be coming over to give me a Happy Birthday.

We left Phoenix before midnight.

Tabitha wanted to go to a bicycle park in Camden.  We walked up the dark path for a while and stopped and talked.

Simon was keen to get to know Tabitha more, but he didn’t have enough faith in himself.

Meeting Two Girls

pick-up girl

While I was with Sankar, we stopped off and talked to these young ladies of the age of 15.  I got their phone number and gave mine, so luckily they will call me for my birthday tomorrow.

I would like to get to know one of them better called Gina.  I might give her a call to see what personality she has.

She is very careful from what I see, because I only have her friend’s number, but she will give it to me.

Cynthia is her friend’s name.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I am going to Celeste’s party.  Then we are going to another party.  Then they are all going to the city to Dance at a nightclub.

Keith will be shouting me in for my birthday.  I can see now it is going to be a very good night for me, no matter what happens.

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