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Mad Chaos: Monday, January 20, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Case Management And CES

Today I woke up at 9:30 am. and was late because I wanted to sleep in.

Concerned about looking for a job, I saw my case manager, but she didn’t really amaze me at all.  So I walked to the CES.

employment studyFaxing my resume to two jobs I started walking home.

I talked to Rory at Pizza Hut before scooting off.

Insulate Home Speakers

Today was a very hot day.  No one rang me over the phone.  I guess that means forget about Gina and don’t worry about Phoenix for now.

At home I insulated my speakers inside a bit more and on top of the speakers so that it might dull the sound.  I can say that there is more sound in the middle of the room now.

When I put on the Dove Shack song 16 on volume 24, then the whole house shakes very badly.

That’s loud.

Frank Hou Inquires About Jobstart Benefits

employment studyFrank Hou – an employer that I faxed my resume to – rang me up at 5:00 pm.  He asked me to find out what the rate of Jobstart benefits he gets if he employs me.  Tomorrow I am going to the CES to find out, and then ring him up.

Hopefully he will give me an interview.  He might even hire me as a Junior Accounting Clerk delivering documents, and general office duties for a finance company.

The boss was Chinese so I might get the job straight off, considering the luck I had with the other job.

Now that I’m 18, I don’t feel much different about myself, but I see that I will be treated differently considering my age.

Planning Ahead

Today I will be sleeping early again and also using Mavis for some touch up.

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