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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, December 4, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Use Loudspeaker On Berenice’s House

Something did go on yesterday.  Keith picked me up around 9:00 pm.  From there we went to Pizza Hut.  Me, Silvester, Rory, Keith and Miroslav were in Silvester’s car.  We went out doing the normal shit.

The first chaos we did was to go to Berenice’s house, which is now the local hangout for the roughnecks (she is now going out with Cyril).  Miroslav got out his PA loudspeaker.  I knocked on the door and he said, “Come out!  This is the police,” on the loudspeaker.  We then ran.

Rory got a call almost straight away from Carey.

Stealing A Stuffed Santa Claus

Also on the list was some bins, and rings to shack.  We checked out some stuffed Santa Claus’s that we can take.  We done this car that was like a GTI.  I threw a bin into it, and the alarm started going off.  It was of a guy that Keith knew from basketball days and he didn’t realize it.  He told me to throw the bin into it.

Soon after that, home was calling.  I didn’t go to sleep for a while.

Waiting For Keith

Today I got woken around 11:00 am by Keith telling me that gym was on at 2:00 pm today.  I woke up at noon and cleaned my room with the vacuum cleaner.  Eating some food I was waiting for Keith to come over with the vacuum cleaner so we can clean my carpet, but he didn’t come over with it.

Gym Routine

exerciseWe ended up going to the gym at 3:00 pm.  At first I was lazy not wanting to do too much weight, but I went hard, as usual.

Warm-up: Getting on the bike I done 10 calories in 2 minutes stopped for a reason and then done 2 more minutes doing around 10 more calories.  I stretched my Chest and Legs, my Muscles were tight.
Chest: Warming up on Peck Deck with 50 pounds, I stretched out 15 long warm reps.  Then I turned to Machine Incline Fly’s with 60 pounds and I done 12 reps.

Then I got onto Bench Press and straight to 140 pounds doing 8 reps by myself and 2 spots.  Moving to Incline Dumbbell Press with 60 pound Dumbbells, I pressed 10 reps out pumping good blood.

I walked to Seated Machine Bench Press and tried 160 pounds and managed 6 reps with some spotting before conking out.

Lats: Already I was getting fatigued, or stale starting on Lat Pull-Downs Widegrip and warmed up on 30 pounds with 15 reps.  Then the weight upped to 80 pounds and I managed to do 10 reps.

I moved to Close Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 100 pounds done 12 more reps.

The last exercise was One Arm Dumbbell Rows and this was a fun exercise because I was looking at my Biceps in the mirror and they were well defined with my Deltoids and Triceps.  I done one set with 70 pounders and doing 10 reps.

Quadriceps: Leg Extension was my warm-up exercise with 70 pounds and 12 reps to the set.  Then Seated Horizontal Leg Press with 200 pounds and 20 reps.  I never thought I’d do Leg Press but once again I went heavy but this time, a record weight of 340 pounds for my first set.  This weight was fairly easy and I didn’t need a spot but it took me ages to do 8 reps.  Then the weight dropped to 320 pounds and I managed 10 more reps.
Hamstrings: Execution was fairly simple starting on Bent Lying Leg Curls with 80 pounds performing 15 reps.

Standing Leg Curls was next with 30 pounds and doing 12 reps for the first set.  The next set was with 40 pounds and this time I repped out another 12 reps before moving on.

Biceps: I started with a warm-up on Standing Cable Curls and with 25 Kilos I did 12 reps.  Pounding it up to 55 Kilos I repped out 12 more reps before conking out, I was fucked.
Forearms: Today I done Wrist Curls with 45 pounds fixed and done 2 sets of 15 reps and my left hand Wrist hurt me on both sets.
Abdominals: Performing only two sets I done them on Machine Ab Crunches with 200 pounds on each turn with the first set done slowly with 20 reps.  After a short rest I sped up and burnt my abs doing 50 reps.

Hang Out With Keith

After the workout we went to McDonalds for a bit to eat.  Then we drove to Jett’s house to see if he had my CD.  He didn’t, so we drove to my house.

At my house we rested and ate.  I ate lots of chicken, some spaghetti and yogurt.

Hang Out At Pizza Hut

We drove to Pizza Hut.  Rory was down there.  We stayed there for a while.  I showed Saha how to massage, and played around with Silvester’s car.  Burnouts galore at the back of Pizza Hut with cooking oil on the ground.

Silvester threw a party for us inside Pizza Hut.  We went in there and ate some Pizza with Yunus, Keith, Tamsen, Rory, Naqi, Tino, Simon and Silvester.

We had a rubber band fight.  Keith and Yunus had a muck around push fight that got pretty rough.

Keith left at 11:30 pm, and so did I to get a lift.  Everyone was going anyway.

Planning Ahead

So, now all I need to do is clean my carpet.  On the agenda for tomorrow is also a haircut.

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