Mad Chaos: Wednesday, December 25, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The Christmas Spirit In Giving

Ho ho ho!

I guess it was a Merry Christmas, but not for the people that we stole the Santa from.

No one came over until 9:00 pm, and no one rang me until then either.  Keith was the one to come over.

We drove past the place where Keith lost his shoe, and we saw it there.  The Santa people must have been feeling Christmassy and in the Christmas Spirit.

Keith wanted me to go out and steal it off the front curb where they obviously left it.  I walked down but there were people out on the other side of the road, so I had to postpone it.

Keith got really shitty after that.  He kept hassling me to get it for him.  The idiot got on my nerves, so I walked up the street, took the shoe, and then got into his car.

Seeing Kathryn

After that we got his other shoe from my house and drove to his house.

Kathryn was out the front.

Keith being the idiot he is, after I told him I don’t want to see Kathryn after Christmas, he put his high beams on her.  That put me in a strange situation where I got out of the car with her (and the whole family out – which made it harder to think) eating mangoes outside.  To top it off Nina came out and gave me dirties while I was there, like I shouldn’t be there.

Nina is being a bitch these days because I don’t go over there to talk with her.  As I’ve said before, why would I want to go over to her house to talk to her if I have nothing to say to either her or that midget boyfriend of hers called Mason?

Speaking of small boyfriends, Kathryn has grown a fair bit taller than me.  I felt small for a while.

What got my attention is that she now has red hair as long as my hair length.  She also has bigger breasts, and she is a bit more solid and muscly.

All that “sexercise” y’all.

Picking Up Tatton

We left and drove to Campbelltown.

Then Keith was being an idiot saying he had to go back to his house.  I didn’t want to be put in the situation again, so I got dropped off at Tatton’s house to persuade him to come out.

When Keith came back he said that Kathryn came out of the house by herself and sat at the front of the gate until Keith had left.  Keith says she done that because she thought I was in the car and wanted to talk to me.

Still the same Kathryn.

Cruising With Santa In The Car

Driving back to Campbelltown, I got in the car with Rory.  We drove to Bradbury Pub where it was packed as fuck.

We drove to my house and I got dressed a bit and got out Santa.  We put Santa in the backseat of Rory’s car and drove around with him for a while.

Back at Pizza Hut we drove around Campbelltown with Santa hanging out the sunroof with all looking at him, having a good laugh.  Also, we had Santa’s legs hanging out of the boot of the car.

After half an hour of that, we kicked the Santa to death in the back of Pizza Hut.  I threw him on the second floor of the Commonwealth Bank.

Miroslav came down for a while with us.  Then everyone separated because nothing was going on tonight for us.

Airds Swarms With Undercover Cops

Airds was blocked off because the Aboriginal that pulled a knife from a car on me and Silvester was roaming with a gun.  Keith and I checked it out.  The whole of Airds was undercover cops.

Nothing much will be going on for me tomorrow, the reason being that everyone has something to do for Christmas.  Maybe I’ll get a visit from Santa for an hour or so.

Good Enough To Work

Fuck, now I can type pretty fast!  People would be idiots not to employ me in the New Year!

Keith has his cleaning job now and he starts on January 6th or close to that.  I am going to join the job people in February after this woman goes back to Bundaberg.

It’s 3:01 am.  Let’s try to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

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