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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Appointment With Mission Employment

Waking up at 9:00 am, I went to tell my mum that I didn’t want to go to my Mission Employment interview until later.  When they rang I asked her to say I was in Campbelltown.

Going back to sleep, I put the phone tone down to its lowest and heard it ring around 10:15 am.  I slept in until 12:00 pm.

I woke up, had something to eat, and then rode down to Mission Employment.

As usual, no progress was made there.  They just kept hassling me.

CES Job Search

employment studyFrom there I rode up to CES to look for a job.  I found one, but the person was not in.  I had to ring back later.

From Campbelltown I went home.  I rang up the job.  The guy was to call me back but he didn’t.

Macarthur Rams Team Gridiron Training Session

Keith came over at about 6:00 pm.  We talked for a while.  He said after cricket training he’d come and watch me play gridiron.

exerciseI left home for gridiron at 6:15 pm.  I rode my bike to Campbelltown to see if anyone was there.  At Pizza Hut there was no one there so I slowly rode to the field in the university.

We had a game with only 8 of our players there.  The game went great with me getting an interception and scoring a touchdown, a sack, and 2 ball knock outs from a wide receiver.

When the game finished I waited with one of the players called Leighton that was waiting for someone to pick him up.  Just as he got picked up Keith came.

I rode to my house, quickly showered, got dressed, ate and then we were ready to find everyone.  The only people we found were Janice and Aubree at McDonalds, so Keith dropped me off.

Waiting On Miroslav

I’m going to make this entry short for now.  Miroslav just rang me up from Circle K.  He is meeting up with red Charade Igor.  They are coming to pick me up.

Now I am going to get off and tell you all about tonight later.  There is supposed to be a year 10 formal on from Campbelltown High School.  Linda might be there so, see you later.

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