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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, December 31, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today is the last day of the year.  The last two days have gone very good for me, so, lucky stars for the New Year.

Having A Group Séance

After the last entry I left for Pizza Hut but I can’t really remember what happened.  I know that we went out.  I think we did a séance.  Actually that is what we did, in Bradbury at the Cricket Nets.

Last night was a pretty good night because lots of people got threatened and scared, and we did many séances.  The séance said that Hudson is going to die on Christmas Eve at 12:27 am by a bullet at Chevys, and it is supposed to be a suicide.

The séance scared the fuck out of Rory.  He had to leave anyway.  Then me, Keith, Tatton and Shawn left for another spot somewhere to do another séance to contact Lake Curtis.

Plan To See Phoenix

Today Phoenix contacted me at 10:30 am.  It woke the fuck out of me.  Talking to her for at least half an hour, we planned a day at my house.  We were planning to watch movies.

We both knew that we liked each other and something was going to happen but we weren’t planning anything.

Looking For A CD Carousel

I then walked towards Campbelltown to talk to Tatton and Rory for the CD Carousel.

Trying to ring up Tatton, the phone was busy.  At first I didn’t think it was his number, but after ringing in half an hour, it was still busy.  Tabitha was ringing him at that time.

When I got to Pizza Hut I talked to Lucas inside, as well as the girls there.  Then Silvester came in.  We walked to buy a watch for him.

We met up with Yunus and talked to him for a while.  We noticed Rory in his car.  I left with Rory.  He told me how Silvester doesn’t like him because Silvester’s an idiot.  The idiot himself Palmer was in the car.  I got dropped off at Tatton’s house.

Tatton was still on the phone to Tabitha.  They were talking for ages.

Bump Into Kahua Hohepa

After half an hour more we walked to Airds to get some movies to watch.  I bumped into an Abo.  He asked me for a dollar.  To get him outta my face I gave it to him.  He was with Kahua Hohepa.

He said, “So why you mess wit my bro about a bike?”

Jett explained “Nah man, it’s alright,” and that was it.

Tabitha And Phoenix Come Over To Watch Movies

Walking to my house I put some music on.  While waiting for the girls I had a shower.  Not taking very long, I had a bit of a shave and then got dressed.  Just before I was about to eat, they came to my door.

Letting them in, we talked for about half an hour or more before watching the first movie.  While the first movie was on, no one really moved much, especially Tatton.  I was on the waterbed and asked Phoenix if she wanted to come up, but she hesitated and didn’t.

Tatton And Tabitha Go For A Walk

Somewhere between the first movie Tabitha went for a walk with Tatton around the block.  Me and Phoenix finally got to know each other.

Now, after they came from around the block we separated ourselves into other rooms.  This was their moment to get onto each other, because it was planned.  I was having a good time in the other room with Phoenix.  We were holding a good conversation.

When we walked into the other room, it was still no go with them.  Tabitha is restless when it comes to making the first move but Tatton is frigid as a fuck.

Making Phoenix Feel Safe

Back to my story, Phoenix’s birthday is on September 6th.  There is a lot more information that I can admit but the one I will remember for a long time is that she is a virgin and 16.  Because of that reason I treated her well and didn’t rush her into anything she wasn’t readily prepared for.

I made her feel cared for and that she had no worries with me.  I made her feel safe.

Keith And The Entourage Roll Up To My House

Meanwhile Keith comes to my house with Ralf and his woman and Shawn.  I knew that he would because he is insensitive.  It took me a while to get rid of them.  All the people inside came outside to talk.

They all came a second time with Jaromir, Miroslav, Keith, Rory and Ralf’s car.  What got me was when the girls came out this time, Serene and Beatrice from across the road knew them and called out their names, and started congratulating me.  Strange.

All this time, Tatton was being an idiot and letting Ralf muscle in on his woman.  I asked Phoenix if she wanted to stay at my house while they left.  She agreed that she wanted to spend some time with me.

Tatton and Tabitha jumped in the back of Ralf’s car.  Phoenix stayed with me.

Making Moves On Phoenix

When they all left, we started to talk to each other.

Kathryn came up in the conversation but I don’t think she has to worry about Kathryn, since she is being a bitch because of Nina telling her shit.

We didn’t jump straight into anything, I wanted to make us both comfortable, so we talked very close to each other to exchange our body language and heat.  Sooner than later, we got acquainted with each other.

I started getting onto her.  Then we lay on my bed and got more acquainted.  I didn’t want to push her into anything she didn’t want to do, and didn’t want to blow it, so I took it slowly with her.

Getting carried away with the emotion, we got topless.  I have to say I had a very nice time without taking my pants off.

Details Of A Sexual Frolic


I must have a special impression to girls on my first date because I was very smooth and said the right things to make her feel good and she did feel good.

While we were getting it on, she told me that this was the first time she’s ever done this, and she would not normally do it either.  She also told me that she was really getting to like me, and she was getting attached to me, which I like.

To tell my diary what I done with her would be good advice to myself in further life so here goes. 

At first, we kissed a lot.  We had a good thing going with her kissing me a different way to what I usually do.  It is a very good turn on.

From there, she would let me rub her up.  I asked her if I could go any further, and if she would mind.

I then put my hand down her pants and continued to explore her very much.

She smelt very nice there.

She was on a pace.  While the lights were off, I took off my top and she took hers off.  It was all dark.  We went on beautifully for an hour.  We left it at that having lots of fun.

Then the phone rang.

Phoenix’s Boyfriend Jeremy Calls

Jeremy was on the other end.  I was wondering how he got the number.  He was at Tabitha’s house and he knew something was going on.  I told him that they could be with Tatton or something like that and then hung up the phone.

Phoenix got edgy but I knew that she was going to end the relationship with him.  Before that she was just waiting for me to say the committing words.  Even though I didn’t say I was going out with her, I am seeing her, and that’s good enough for me for now.

After ten minutes he interrupted us once again.  This time he called Tatton’s mum and she said we were at my house.  So I told him I would ring him back at Tabitha ‘s house when I found out what was happening, which I knew all the time.

Walk With Phoenix To Bradbury Shops

So me and Phoenix walked to Bradbury and called up Keith.  Miroslav came to pick us up.  He didn’t take very long.  We were taken to Bradbury park for another séance.

While at Bradbury park I let the girls talk between themselves while I helped out with the séance.

Jeremy is supposed to be a real snoop with Phoenix looking all over Campbelltown for her and he’s only seen her for 3 weeks.  I know for certain now that she is saying bye bye to Jeremy and she is saying hi to me.

Feelings Towards Phoenix

I have the feeling that me and Phoenix are going to go a fair way in life because we are compatible.

If I wanted to I could have taken it all the way with some persuasion, but I don’t think the relationship is very far for us to do it on the first date.

You don’t fuck on the first date if you think something is going to happen out of the relationship. 

I found out also that Phoenix takes the pill and she missed it today, so she’s off her rhythm.

She is calling me today at 10:00 am again.  The conversation will be fruitful about Tabitha and Tatton.

New Year Resolution

Now it is time to eat.  This is the last day of the year so my advice for the next year is to do right and not wrong.

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