East vs West

Mad Chaos: Thursday, December 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

CES Offers Me Work Experience With Mission Employment

employment studyToday I got woken up by CES – or Mission Employment – ringing me at 10:00 am.  They asked me if I wanted to do any more work experience for them, this time in Mission Employment.

I didn’t really want to go through with this because they didn’t want to pay anyone, especially when they needed me straight away.  So I declined the position and went back to sleep.

Accompany Keith To Career Day

I slept until 12:00 pm when Keith rang me.  He wanted to know if I wanted to come with him to the university.  As usual, I left my warm bed.

On career day, we looked at nice girls while we watched Tamsen have a test for her nursing class.  Keith dropped me at home after that.  He said that he was going to come back, but I left for gridiron at 6:00 pm.

Finally, on my way to training, I got my CD off Jett.  There is nothing wrong with it at all.

Macarthur Rams Team Gridiron Training Session

At Gridiron we watched some TV.  It was supposed to get us revved up, which it didn’t.

exerciseWe played a game against each other.  We now have a guy from last year that used to play for Reds or something as receiver and quarterback.  I got crushed between Chris and another big guy and got mild concussion, which to me is head-spins.

I got to do some runs as running back.  I saved a try from happening by solely taking down a receiver.

I got to play many positions, but in the game I would like to be running back, safety or outside linebacker.

Binh Drops Me Off Home

After training I got dropped at Campbelltown.  I saw Bình.  We went for a drive and he dropped me off home.

When I got home I had a bit to eat.  Because I have a little headache in the back of my head I went to sleep.

I just woke up 10 minutes ago and am ready to eat chicken.

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