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Mad Chaos: Saturday, December 14, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Causing Havoc With Miroslav

Starting on Thursday night after the entry, Miroslav came and picked me up.

We drove out towards Ambarvale and the new estates past there.  We just caused havoc with red Charade Igor, Jaromir and Miroslav with his woman, her sister, and me in the car.

We just drove around leaving tracks that night.  That’s basically what we did that night until I was dropped off.

Shopping For A CD Carousel Player

I got to bed at 1:30 am.  I got up at 11:00 am today.  Keith rang me up a bit later telling me what’s going on today.

Keith picked me up.  We went to try and sell my CD player and get a CD carousel, but they would only give me $30 for the CD player I have now.  The good CD carousel was taken and I was left with a shitty one that wasn’t worth my while.

So now I am not getting a CD carousel until later on in the year.

Gym Routine

exerciseAfter that we went to the gym.

Warm-up: Warming up on the bike, I done 4 minutes and burned off 20 calories.  After that I didn’t feel very energetic and neither did Keith so we didn’t go heavy on our exercises and didn’t do much stretching.
Chest: Starting with 60 pounds on Peck Deck I done 12 reps.

After another stretch I moved to Cable Crossovers and with 30 pounds each side done 15 reps.

From there I moved to do Close Grip Bench Press and with 80 pounds on an Incline Bench I done 10 reps.

From that we loaded the Bench Press with 150 pounds and I got Keith to spot me but I done 5 reps by myself and just lost eagerness and stopped.

I was feeling Overtraining set in so I decided to slow the row down and walked to Dumbbell Bench Press with 60 pounders and only managed 4 reps before quitting.

I done 2 more sets on Seated Machine Bench Press and with 160 pounds on it I repped out 10 reps with 2 assisted reps.  The last set was put down to 140 pounds and again I done around 6-8 reps before conking out again.

Back: Using Machine Seated Rows for the first time in a while on 140 pounds, I did 10 reps before putting the weight down to 120 pounds and conquering another 10 reps.

From there I moved to Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 120 pounds done a set of 12 continuous tension reps and then rested a minute and repeated with the same weight.

Quadriceps: Hack Squats was my warm-up with 80 pounds and 12 reps.  The next set was put up to 200 pounds and I managed 12 more reps.

Moving to Horizontal Machine Leg Press with 200 pounds as usual and doing 2 sets of 20 reps with legs pointing in and then out on the last set.

Hamstrings: The first set was done with 80 pounds on Angled Lying Leg Curl and 15 reps were done.  The next two sets were on Seated Leg Curls and with 120 pounds I eased out 15 reps and on my last set put the weight down to 100 pounds and done 15 reps.
Abdominals: First set was on Machine Ab Crunches with 200 pounds and 20 reps.  The last set was done with 20 pounds on Ab Crunches and I done 30 reps with the weight and took it off to do a few more forced reps.
Biceps: Last set was on Standing Cable Curl with 60 pounds and I done 12 reps and it was pretty stiff and hard to complete.

I hope that by Monday or Tuesday’s workout I am back to normal, but it really depended on the kind of stress I was having on the day, and how much sun I had seen previous to the workout.

Meeting Tabitha At Pizza Hut

After the workout we went to Campbelltown.  Keith dropped me off with Rory.

Rory had a girl in his car called Tabitha who showed us her formal pictures.  She is the one that Rory drove to the formal for $50 dollars.

I was looking at her formal pictures.  While we were driving on deliveries we talked to each other and kept the peace.

Anyway, looking at her formal photos I saw a girl there that looked nice and sort of “Kathryn Build” that I liked.  She told me her name was Phoenix.

Tabitha Shares Her Diary

Tabitha let me look at her diary.  It had a lot of stuff in there about Rory and Palmer because she is supposed to have a crush on Palmer.

While I was looking at her diary she put her hand on me to turn the page.  She started flirting with me.  I can’t say I didn’t mind because I was getting “happy” out of it.

At that moment, Keith came down and told me to get in his car for a second.  He took me to the Charade just around the street that I threw the bin into of the guy he knew.  The back of it was badly damaged.  I couldn’t believe the damage it had done.

Phoenix Arrives To Pizza Hut

Getting back into the back of Pizza Hut, everyone that goes down there was there.  Most of them were going to the movies.

Someone came down in a real nice RX7.  Tabitha knew them.  Phoenix in the photos was there with them.  Tabitha told her about me, because she came over and started complimenting me and standing close to me.

I got my hair cut all one length today.  It looks better than it was before but it still needs some work.

Tabitha wanted to come with us, but Rory didn’t want her in the car, so Tabitha left with her friends.

Cruise To McDonalds

We drove to McDonalds.  Rory saw Angela and Raine that, whom he got onto down there.  We stayed there for a while.  I saw Jett with Tod down there.  He had a sick jumper on that I want to go out and buy.

The jumper is a great one.  It is blank with no signs or no emblems on it, so I can sow anything I want on it.  I am going to get T-RIP sowed on it with a little emblem on the front of it.

Now I have to get to the rest of the night because after McDonalds, we went back to Pizza Hut.  Jaromir was with Keith and Tamsen, so I jumped in there because Carey and another girl were in Rory’s car.  Miroslav caught up with us.  Now it was Keith, Miroslav and Rory’s car.

Drove To Camelot

At first we went to Eschol Park where there was a haunted house.  We went in there but the lights were on, so it didn’t scare me much.

From there we drove to Camelot.  They all drove their cars down Camelot road.  Keith got 204Km/h down the strip.  Miroslav got around 180Km/h and so did Rory.

We sat there talking for a while.  Then we got going to Campbelltown after an hour.  Keith left us around then.

Cruise To Chevys

We left for Chevys to see who was coming out.  We saw lots of honeys coming out.  I saw this man that was dressed up as a bitch that used to work at Pizza Hut and s/he was getting onto this other guy.  He was feeling the homo up and didn’t feel the balls in the skirt.

We had some good laughs at that.

Chasing Hotties

We left chasing some girls to Woodbine McDonalds.  There were 5 chicks in a car all over 25, but one or two were hotties.  We popped em to stop, and we all went over to talk to them.  There was a really hot one that was talking to us all, and another one that was showing her tattoo on her ass to us.  She had very skinny panties on, turn on.

The other hot one I was rubbing up behind her without her noticing.  I made all the others laugh sitting at the car.  I did it lots of times.  When they were leaving I slapped the hottie’s nice, tight ass.

From there we followed Nipper to where there was supposed to be a party on at Leumeah, but there wasn’t.  So I got driven home.

Now that I am home at 5:12 am, I am going to eat some snacks.  Then I am going to sleep, or maybe I’ll just go to sleep now.

Planning Ahead

When I wake up I am going to get some clothes for myself, and ring Jett to see if he can show me the jumper that he got.

I’ve got my CD player back in its place.

I’m getting tired.

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