Mad Chaos: Friday, December 20, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hudson Hangs At My House

After my last entry, Keith came back from the gym, dropped off Hudson at my house, and went to pick up Tamsen from work.

Hudson and me talked for a bit before Keith came back and took him home.

Keith told me that he was coming over my house later, so I stayed and listened to music until 7:00 pm, when he did come.  Maybe it was before that.

Hang Out At Pizza Hut

We drove to Campbelltown where we met with Rory.  At Pizza Hut we just sat there.  He has a 4 inch muffler on his car now, if I haven’t said that already.

We told Rory who the person was that really took his trailer yesterday, because he thought it was Milo.

Rory cashed up and then all of us and Silvester drove to Macarthur Square to look around.  We ended up playing games at their Timezone.

Graffiti Death Threats Against Rory

Everywhere around the Campbelltown area and our hangout spots there is writing about Rory in spray paint and how he is going to die, death threats.  We ventured to see them all.

We found Jaromir, Redd, Miroslav and Kobi while driving around.  Kobi has been going out with Harley for a while now, just over 2 months.  Personally seeing them together is a joke.

After we saw all that shit, Rory drove home.  We drove past the cop shop.  We saw Yunus and Jaromir also drove home.

Ruckus Run With The Crew

It was only me, Hudson, Miroslav, Keith, Yunus and Silvester.  We drove to my house, while I ate.  They sat downstairs in my bedroom.  There were four cars parked at my house.  We only took one car with 6 people out on a ruckus run.

When the ruckus run was over (taking Gnomes and smashing them on property), we got the cars from my house and drove to Chevys.

Visit Chevys

Silvester and Miroslav walked inside Chevys for free to check it out.  The rest of us stayed outside looking at the pussy.  An hour or so later they came back out.

Maura came out with Lisa.  Lisa looked pretty good.  After Silvester and Keith left for home we gave them a lift.  Lisa knows Miroslav from skating.

I got home at 4:00 am.

Today I got up at 1:00 pm.  Maura invited me over there today because Lisa will be there.  I don’t really want to go, it’s too late now anyway.

Actually, I have nothing else to do today, so I might go pay them a visit.

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