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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, November 13, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Drive With Keith To Berenice’s House

Last night I went out with Keith.  We went to Berenice’s house to see if Rory was there, but he wasn’t.  I walked to the door anyway.  Berenice’s dad was there, so she wouldn’t let us in because of that.

Pizza Hut With Rory

We then went back to Pizza Hut.

Rory was there.  He had his courtesy Torana but Wilma (40-page resume girl) took it for a drive.

Rory waited for about 2 hours for the car.  When they came back Wilma wasn’t in it.  Summer and this other girl were in it and both were on their L’s.

Hurley Park With The Goon Girls

Aubree and the “goon girls” were down there.  They’re all dumb tramps.  They went up to Hurley Park to meet Ned and Celeste who had come from the movies.  Me and Keith went up there a bit later.  It was just us and the girls up there.  They soon left anyway.

Drive To Berenice’s House

Rory turned up in the shit car.

We went to Berenice’s house for a bit, but her dad was still there and she wouldn’t let us in.  Rory let me drive the car to Berenice’s house.  The steering was so fucked on it you had to yank it around and the steering would get stuck on it.

Drive Around Dunking Basketball Rings

We parked Keith’s car and went out in Rory’s car to do some shit.  We didn’t do much at first, just looked around for basketball rings to slam.  We found a couple.  Rory done one, I done one and Keith done some.

Police Vehicle Sights Keith Driving Recklessly

We then went back to Pizza Hut where Silvester was.  On the lights before Dumaresq Keith pulled a handbrakie.

The lights went green.  He turned the street, sped over the double lines and really fast into the car-park.  That’s where I noticed the cop car at the bottom of Dumaresq street on the lights.  I yelled it out to them.

Keith had to hide the car quickly.  He burned it into Pizza Hut and parked it very quickly out of sight.

Keith Is Busted By The Police

We all got out of the car and ran to the back of Pizza Hut and then into the joint.  We were lucky the steering didn’t lock while we were going in, or we would be in a wall.

We went into Pizza Hut laughing.  Rory didn’t think I saw cops.  Keith had to do a piss so he started walking back out.  Me and Rory started walking back out, when we saw Keith with the cops.  The cop was holding a baton in his hand.

The cops told us to stay where we were and got some details from us.  The cops thought we were going to rob the store because we rushed in to do it.  He saw us get out of the car and run, so he must have raced up pretty quickly.

Keith got out of getting a ticket because he sweet-talked out of it luckily.

Phone Phreak At Berenice’s House

After that, we waited for Silvester to finish work.  We went back to Berenice ‘s house and stayed there for about an hour before we went to get Silvester.

Keith and me drove (I drove), to my house to get my microphone.  I pulled some handbrakies and we got my microphone and phone-phreaked at Berenice ‘s house.

The Midnight Rampage Begins

Then we went out the back and threw dough at windows trying to break them.  Big chunks of dough were thrown too.  A guy that owned Food Store opened the window and told us to stop because he was sleeping.  We went out the front.  This is where the fun started to happen.

Shaque A Few Basketball Rings

At first we just went for slamming basketball rings and breaking the fucks.  Then we graduated to throwing a bin at a car.  We then tried lighting things up.  This is where the fun started.

Light Up For Sale Signs

We lit up plastic For Sale signs and some wooden ones.  They burnt very good.  20 minutes later they were still burning.  We lit a wooden For Sale sign up.  That burnt very well and was burning for a long time.  We had a good laugh at that.

Then we went to burn Damien’s bin.  It started to light but it put itself out.

Shaque More Basketball Rings

We got onto the highway.  I saw a basketball ring in someone’s backyard on the highway, up a big hill.  Silvester stopped on the median strip while I jumped up the big hill, over the big fence, and tried to Shaque the ring, but I didn’t jump that high.  I then screamed at the top of my lungs and ran back down to the car on the highway.

We were screaming all night that night after doing our stuff too.

Light Up Industrial Bins

We then went and lit one of them huge work bins.  It was full of wood and paper.  Me and Silvester got out and lit up about ten spots, then left, and went around the block.  When we came back, it was up in flames and smoke was going everywhere.

We Shaqued some rings.  Keith Shaqued a ring and made the whole thing come down with some of the guttering.

Setting A Car Ablaze

I then saw a car covered with a material supposedly from the sun, so I went up with two lighters and lit it up.  It lit up easily.  We went around the block and came back and the car was on fire.  The wheel was on fire too.  It looked like it was going to blow the tire out.  It was a really good car too.

We went back to Pizza Hut after that.

The Fire Brigade Arrive To The Scene

Then we went to get Keith s car from Berenice’s house.  Rory stayed there for the night.

We went back to check out if the car was still lit up.  The fire brigade was there with a fire truck and the owners were outside.  So all in all… good night out.

I got home at 3:30 am.

Visit CES Case Manager And Do Jobsearch

Today I got woken at 9:00 am because I had an interview with my case manager.

I went there and did Jobsearch with my case manager.

I then went to CES to see if Keith was there yet for his case management.  He was down there.  I went upstairs and him and Tamsen were waiting.  He took about an hour while he was in there.  Me and Tamsen went for walkies and talkies.

See Johnnie In Mission Employment

An hour later he comes out and we go to Mission Employment because he hates the bitch he is case managed by.

While we are down there I see Alison and Johnnie, Travis and this other girl with them.  Alison got her P’s today.  She is driving her mum’s car around.  I think she is nice and I would not mind going out with her.  I would like going out with her a lot actually.

Johnnie bought me some McDonalds.  I sat with them while I waited for Keith to get back from buying tire blackener.

I talked to Alison a bit and told Johnnie I would go down there today around 4:00 pm.  I am going later.

Preparing For Gridiron

I want to get some sleep before I go to gridiron tonight.

I am going to get a sun tan outside now because it is the right weather for it so, I’m off.

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