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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, November 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Ralf Jams On My Piano

Today I got woken up at 9:00 am by Ralf.  He called me from Bradbury shops for some reason.  He’s done this to me before but I can’t be bothered trying to find out why.  I thought he got kicked out of house, so I asked him over.

Ralf came over and started playing the piano and shit, annoying me for about 2 hours before we actually got out of my house.

We went to his house for a while so he could get something to eat.  We stayed there for about an hour.

Melbourne Cup Bets With Ralf

Then we went to Macarthur Square.  He forgot his wallet so we had to go back to get it.  We got to Macarthur and didn’t do anything there, except for buy food and lottery tickets for $4.  He actually won on both of them and won back $6 out of them.

We then went to Campbelltown.  I got my hair cream and vitamin C and then met him at the T.A.B because he was betting on the Melbourne Cup.

We saw Bình there and also, Tino, his woman and Zayd, Habib and Cartman.  I then got him to drop me off home.

Napping At Home

I ate some.  I was tired after eating so I thought about not going to the gym.  I went to sleep for about an hour or two.  Then I woke up around 5:00 pm and had a shower.

Imad Visits

While I was in the shower, Imad came over.  I got out and met him.  We talked about him and Dina, the usual.  we done some usual kick boxing shit and then we checked out his car.

He is painting his car purplish now.  he has new seats in it and it is going to look a lot better.  He is going to put on the three-spoke Simmons Mags that I like.

I’m going to ring that job back tomorrow to see if I am going to get a second interview or not, or to see if I should look for a more localized job.

Gym Routine

exerciseImad left at 6:15 pm.  Then I got ready for the gym.  I got my usual shit and towel and then I walked down.  At first I was intimidated all over again but I just kept my head down until I started feeling good about myself and could work out with pride.

Warm-up: I started on the bike, did 4 minutes on it, and burnt off 30 calories.  I took time on it because I ain’t been there for a while.  I then did some Chest stretching and some leg stretching and some others.
Chest: I’m just doing the body twice a week like last time and I have to gradually work back into it.

I started with a warm-up on Machine Seated bench Press and put it up to 100 pounds and done 15 reps on it.  I was very tense and then I moved to Bench Press and put the weight on 80 pounds and done 12 reps.  I then put it up to 120 pounds and picked it up and, thought it would be a bit heavy but I done 10 reps with it.  I then had a rest and thought about staying on this weight but, I’m not ready for that heavy a resistance so I put it down to 100 pounds and done 10 more reps.

Lats: I started on Machine Lat Pulldowns and put it on 160 pounds to do only 12 reps because it was hard.

I then went to Seated Cable Rows and put it up to 50 pounds and done 15 reps fairly easy.  I then put it up to 80 pounds and done 12 more reps fairly easy again.  I had a bit of a rest and then picked up the weight again with 90 pounds and done 12 more reps.

Quadriceps: I started on Leg Press and put on 80 pounds and done a fairly tense set of 15 reps or more.  I then had some stretches and put the weight up to 160 pounds and done 12 more reps.  The weight was again put up to 240 pounds to do another set of 10 reps.

I then went over to Horizontal Leg Press and put it on 200 pounds and done 20 reps with it.

Hamstrings: I started on Seated Leg Curls and done 15 slow reps with 120 pounds.

I then got onto Bent Lying Leg Curls and put it on 80 pounds and done a set of 12 reps.  I then had a rest and put it up to 90 pounds and done 12 more reps.

Deltoids: Two sets was done for this body-part and Machine Shoulder Press was the start with 70 pounds and doing 12 reps.  Then, the weight was put up to 90 pounds and 12 more reps was done.
Biceps: I done one set of Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curls with 25 pounders, and I done a set of 15 reps and I had a real mean face while I was doing this, very much determined, full of determination and everyone saw it.  I then got up after my set and done 5 reps with the Dumbbells of Upright rows.
Abdominals: I got onto Machine Ab Crunches and put it up to 120 pounds and done 20 reps on it and then I got up and got a 20 pound plate and done 20 Ab Crunches with the plate on my stomach.

I then went home and ate some food.

Hurley Park With Keith

Keith rang me, and told me we were going out tonight, and asked if I wanted to go.  Clothes were chucked on and then Keith came a bit after that and picked me up.

We first went to Hurley park and stayed there for a while with Ned, Celeste, Brodie, Anona (Brodie’s woman), and Janice.

Bình and Shawn were coming from a jog.  I went for a jog with Bình around the block for a bit.  We came back and Rory was there with some pizza.  I ate some.

Drive To Berenice’s House

We then went to Berenice ‘s house.  Dina was there and so was Rory.  Keith stayed for a bit and then he left.

I ate some pizza.

Then the guy in the Sigma came and so did his sister,  They stayed for as long as I did.

Rory smoked some pot in Berenice’s room.  Berenice was talking to Palmer on the phone.  She wants to go out with Ted Bart, the one that I’ve hated for about 2 years and still do.  I told her what I think about him and he is a fucken idiot.

I got a lift home with Sigma boy whose name I know but just escapes me at the moment.  I told Berenice that if she gets bored, then to ring me later around 12:30 am and I will go over there and maybe sleep the night depending on who is over there.

Tomorrow I am also going to ring up Soul Sense and see if my soundtrack has come yet, so I can go get it tomorrow.

Planning With Berenice To Break Into Her Burnside House

If we do this break-in on Berenice ‘s Burnside house, then we have a buyer for the TV.  I get something like $40 out of it so I can get a CD or something with it and have some money to go to the gym also.

We also have a washing machine there, a fridge, and some other household appliances that they could take.

I am going to get something to eat now because I am hungry and want to feed my muscles.

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