Mad Chaos: Tuesday, November 12, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Slow Morning Routine

Today I got woken up around 9:00 am because Keith rang me and told me that he had to go earlier because him and Tamsen were going to the movies.  I told him we’d do it later, after the movies.  Then I went back to sleep.

I slept until 12:00 pm.  Then I had something to eat, and played some computer games.

I didn’t have a shower in preparation.  I still haven’t had a shower yet, but I’ll have one after I get off the computer.

Visit Macarthur With Keith

Keith rang me at 1:00 pm and asked if I wanted to go to Macarthur with him and Tamsen, I said “Yeah, why not.”  We went up and checked some shops out.  I checked out some chicks.

Then I went to Sanity.  In there I found Warren G’s old album, which I am getting on Friday, as well as the Dove Shack with his songs on it.  I’m getting both those CDs come Friday, pay day.

Gym Routine

exerciseKeith lent me some money so we can go to the gym.  We drove back to my house.  Then he went to drop Tamsen at his house.  He came back, and I had some towels ready for the expedition.

Warm-up: We both got onto the bikes and done 4 minutes and I burnt 27 calories.  We both stretched all our major body-parts and I stretched my Shoulders and Triceps for Chest.
Chest: I done 5 sets for this today and went a bit further than I am used to.  I started on Cable Crossovers with 20 pounds on each hand and done 15 reps warming up the Chest.  I then stretched the Chest and went to do 80 pounds on Bench Press doing 12 reps.  I then put the weight up to 130 Pounds and done 8 reps by myself and got a spot for 2 more reps.

I was pretty pumped and waited Keith to do a set on Seated Machine Bench Press and then got spotted again.  I dropped the weight down to 120 pound and done another 10 reps and got spotted for the last four or so.

This is where I thought of doing Pullovers and I got a 60 pound Dumbbell and arched over a bench and done 12 reps.  I actually made it harder by arching my Chest downwards off the Bench so it would be harder to bring it up and kept it in this position throughout.

Latissimus: We both started on Seated Cable Rows, after stretching I put it on 80 pounds and done 15 reps.  The weight was put up to 100 pounds and it was lifted 12 more times before putting it down.

This is where we done Widegrip Lat Pulldowns and, I done it with 70 pounds doing 10 reps.

One arm Dumbbell Rows was next on the Agenda and 70 pounds doing 10 reps each side was more than enough for me to start sweating a lot.

Keith didn’t do this one because his back was aching from last time.  He done lots of Chest and lots of Abs so that’s what he wants to build I guess.

Quadriceps: We started on Horizontal Leg Press and with 150 pounds done 20 reps for a warm-up.

Now we went to Leg Press and put it on 160 pounds to do 12 reps.  The weight was put up to 280 pounds for me and I was really pumped and done 12 reps really nicely with this weight.  Keith had his set and then I put it back up to that weight and done 12 more hard reps.

Hamstrings: I started on Seated Leg Curls and with 100 pounds done 15 slow deliberate reps.

Bent Lying Leg Curls was done with 100 pounds and with 12 reps.  I then rested and put it up to 130 pounds and done 12 more slow, hard reps.

Deltoids: I got out 40 Pound Dumbbells and done some Shoulder Shrugs for 15 reps but the difference is I worked my Forearms by curling my wrists either way to work Adductors and Flexors.
Biceps: I only done one set for this too and got 30 pound Dumbbells and done 12 reps on Alternate Dumbbell Curls for both arms.
Abdominals: This was my last 2 exercises because I was getting tired so I done 2 sets of Ab Crunches with 20 pounds and doing 20 reps for each set of Ab Crunches.

I had a big feed when I came back home.  I should grow from this one.

Our next workout is on Friday because it is a better time for both of us.

So now I have 2 months to get my body tanned and muscled in time for Summer and of course…  Kathryn.

Planning Finances

Tomorrow I have to be at Campbelltown at 9:00 am for my case manager.  I am also going to get my new resume done up.  I will also see how much a hat is going to cost me to buy.  Also, I will see how much my bike will cost to repair.

Then at 7:00 pm I have to be at the university in Campbelltown for our gridiron training.

Thursday is my money day and Friday is my shopping day.

Yesterday, I saw a cut in the front tire meaning I have to get a new front tire because the tube is sticking out of the tire.

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