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Mad Chaos: Thursday, November 7, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hurley Park Group Hangout

Last night we went out as usual.  Keith came and picked me up.  We went to Hurley Park.  There weren’t much people there because they were all over the place.

Shawn, Brodie and me had a little sparring session down on the grass because they both wanted to.  Now Brodie is contemplating on getting gloves so we can do it regularly.  If I get some G’s to learn to fight, then I can trust them when I’m in trouble and that they’re there, so I’m alright with that.

I got home with Ned last night.  I went to sleep a bit after that.

Disappointed With “The Show” Soundtrack

Today I woke up early for going to Sydney.  I could have woken up around 9:00 am but I slept in.

I went down to the city and got “The Show” soundtrack.  It has none of the songs as on the movie, no Snoop Doggy, No Dre.  I wanted to return it, but I might as well keep it now.

I Do Not Believe In Panadol

Earlier on today, I had a headache so I took a Panadol.  It is the first time in a long time that one has been taken from me – maybe more than 6 months – because I don’t believe in them.  It’s time to go now and listen to some more music.

Planning Fisher’s Ghost Parade

I saw Aubree and Janice down at the CES when I was coming from the city.  I got a lift back with them.  I might be going out for this Mardi Gras thing on Queen Street that they have every year around this time.  They are going to walk down there with the rest of the girls.

Brodie called me today to tell me about the boxing shit and also about what’s going on tonight.

Tatton called me once from his house.  Then Tatton called from Rory ‘s phone telling me what’s going on tonight.  They’re going to ring Keith because they have a full car.

I don’t really care if I go out tonight.  I want to go see what Valerie and Berenice are doing tonight, and then do something on my own behalf.

I might go down there by myself if no one comes, and meet people down there.

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