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Mad Chaos: Thursday, November 28, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The Countdown To Kathryn

Now it is one month until Kathryn comes down.  The big countdown.  The actual fact that she is coming down isn’t that big of a deal, but the things I might get up to is a big deal.

Am I Nocturnal?

Is it me or am I nocturnal?  Yes I am.

I haven’t had sleep before midnight maybe since my work experience.  If not then, then I can’t remember the time before that.

Skip Job Interview To Help Dad

Today I woke up as usual around 11:00 am.  I helped my dad working on the front balcony.  For that reason I didn’t go to the job interview for a traineeship.  For this, I am going to have to tell them why I didn’t go to that tomorrow.

Visit Jett For A CD

Today I rode my bike to gridiron around 6:30 pm.  I stopped off to get my CD at Jett’s house.  Jett wasn’t there but I managed to get the CD from his mum, but the CD was not in the CD cover.  I expected this would happen, so I’m going to have to settle this tomorrow.

Macarthur Rams Team Gridiron Training Session

exerciseAt gridiron we learnt how to punt return.  We did mini games in-between to keep us going for the night.

We then stopped around 8:30 pm.

Spy Girls Doing Dance Routines

We saw 3 girls in the hall doing dance routines.  They were dancing away while we were watching from the outside of the windows where they couldn’t see us.  They were all hottish from the distance.

When they finished their pretty hot routine, we clapped.  They saw us and got all embarrassed.

We went inside and they invited us in to watch them perform.  I didn’t hesitate to get a front seat right under them.  There was a fattish girl that looked good with real big tits, and a skinny girl with real short denim pants on.  She was the skinny one of the lot.

Then there was the girl in the black skirt.  Every time she shook her butt I would see her black underwear, which was a turn on.  She was by far the hottest one performing for us on stage.  She drove us all wild.

Yoram, the Lebanese quarterback in our team got one of their numbers.

They left in a car.

Stack The Bike Chasing A Rabbit

Tatton and I then walked home.

I got on my bike and started to chase a rabbit on the loose gravel in the carpark when I lost control of the bike and it came crashing down on me.  Luckily, only my arm got hurt in the fall going around 30km/h and sliding 5 meters.

That was a lucky fall.

I could remember it in detail as I was trying to fix my bike’s chain that twisted up, as well as the handlebars, which had lost their center.

The bike is now fucked again.  I had to walk it home and only ride down hills.

Catholic Club With Keith And Simon

When I got home I ate a bit.  Keith came over with Simon.   They were going to an after-party for Saint Patrick’s high school.

Running home to get dressed and have a bit to eat, we left for the Catholic Club in Campbelltown.  When they were coming out Miroslav was there with his woman Zlatica.  Jaromir is her brother, which I just found out today.

Miroslav lent a 92 Celica from a friend of his.  It was pretty much a sex car.  I was loving it.

After Parties On The Way To Kentlyn

From there we went to some after parties.  All of them were shit, with one after-party not letting us in because it was invite only.

We traveled out to Kentlyn and set up fire there.  I climbed a tree and broke it down.  I myself came crashing down 5 meters, unharmed again.

Daffa backed into this guy’s car while they were there.  That kind of put everyone out of the mood of a party.

Most people went home after that, but I went with Miroslav with Zlatica and Hudson in the car.

We went to a party at Wedderburn that was dying down.

Then we drove to Caltex in Campbelltown.

Staying there for a bit, we traveled back home.

Planning Ahead

I have to have some sleep before waking up tomorrow at 10:00 am, so Keith can pick me up and I can hand my form in.

I am getting 2 CDs.  I think I am getting a speaker but I might want to get clothes with this money.

If this job that I am going to ask about tomorrow comes through, then I am set for about 2 weeks.  I can get my CD carousel, some clothes and go for my Ps.

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