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Mad Chaos: Thursday, November 28, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hand Dole Form Into CES With Keith

Today I woke up at 11:00 am.  Keith came and picked me up to hand in my form.  The office wasn’t open today, so I just had to hand it in without a stamp.

employment studyIn the CES Keith found a job in Liverpool.

I applied for that cleaning job in Sydney.  If they want me then they’ll call.

After that we drove to see Tamsen at work.  Then Keith shouted me some Chinese food.  I ate it at my house.

Then Keith went home for a while.

Keith’s Job Interview In Liverpool

Then 2 hours later I came back home, because we were going to Macarthur Square.

We went to Liverpool for the interview but Keith didn’t get it.

Hanging Out At Macarthur Square

Our whole group was up at Macarthur Square.  It gets packed on Thursday nights.  Lots of skirts were down there and lots of us gawking at them.

I left with Ned, Brodie and Celeste.  We picked up Shawn from his house and went out for a while.

Nothing much was happening.

I rang up Miroslav on his mobile but it was switched off so I left a message.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, probably the most pleasurable day for me so far this year, apart from the start of the year with Kathryn.

Tomorrow I am getting my speaker, CDs.  I will go to the gym too.

Then I am getting ready to go to the university party.  After that I am going to the after formal party on the beach at Wollongong, so I should be heaps tired and hungry after all of tomorrow

There is not much to say now so I might as well say goodbye for now and write for tomorrow.

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