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Mad Chaos: Saturday, November 9, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Visit Berenice’s House

Yesterday after my last entry I went over to Berenice’s house.   She was just lounging around with Carey.  Carey was wearing these nice shorts and shirt while I was there.

At first it was just us.  We were talking about Valerie and me.  I found out that she was seeing a guy while I was getting onto her.  Then she got back with her boyfriend.  Berenice also told me that I was hot.

Milo And Kane Arrive

Then Milo came over.  Berenice was taking his shirt off, bothering him, and shit like that.

Carey was giving me these looks.  I was feeling nice but I don’t know what the looks where about.  Milo brought back Kane Hampson and this girl.  He also brought a guy that Carey liked, but he looked like a shaved goat.

Rory came over in a suit because he was taking Carey’s friend out to a formal.  I got a lift home with him.

Brodie’s House Party

I listened to music for a while at home.  Then I got bored and went to Brodie’s house.  The first time I went he was getting onto Anona in his mum’s bedroom.

I walked around outside.  Then I went back to his house and everyone was there.  It was a full-fledged party.  Not much people were supposed to be there.  It was alright there.  I just hung around inside listening to music.

Most of them went to the Fisher’s Ghost Carnival because Tarina was feeling sad because of her and Janice.

While they were gone, I hid Janice’s goon in the backyard.  She went off at Shawn for taking it.

They all came back.

Then Miroslav dropped down.  Tarina and the others liked him.

We went out the front and talked a while.  Then Miroslav wanted to go somewhere last night.  I said, “Let’s go.”  And we were off.

Cruise To Rosemeadow After Party

We had 7 people and one car.

We asked Ralf to get his car.  He said that it had an oil leak.  Then he changed his mind.  He was going to get it but they came back because Rory was coming to help out.

Cory or Brodie wanted to go Rory.  I told him about it and no trouble was to happen tonight on my behalf.

I got in the car with Rory and Shawn.  Miroslav had Hudson, Ralf and the skip guy who skips my mind now; he hangs out with Miroslav.  I thought he was German.

Mingling With One Hundred Party-Goers

We ventured to an after party at Rosemeadow or Ambarvale.  Rory said there were only 10 people there but it turned out there were 110 people there.  We got out of the car and went in.  We congregated with the peoples.  We then walked into the house, all of us, but the parents were in there and we got kicked out.

Ralf knew some people in there.  Rory knew one or two.  Hudson didn’t know any but he was talking to people.

We got kicked out of the house, so we went back to the front where all the cars were, and made some friends with some boys that were playing Bone, Thugs n Harmony.  They were black so, Ralf came over and talked to them.

There were supposed to be fights in the backyard.  Someone came out and asked Rory for a puff of his smoke, took his smoke and pushed through me like a big hard cunt.  I didn’t do much because there was a crowd of 30 with him, but he was a pushover Samoan or Abo or something.

Driving Around Being Larakins

After that we left.  We saw a crowd and we stopped next to them.  I got out of the sunroof and hailed some over.  We talked for a bit.  Then we got out the car, when two girls were going to come in our car to get a lift home.  We sat down and talked to all of them.  The larakin I am, I made them all laugh by coming up with some comedy.

We all made fun of Ralf because he was trying to make friends with someone in the group.  Me and Hudson got together and started pointing at people and laughing.  We then pointed at the sky and started laughing.  Rory came to us and asked us what we were laughing at.

Dropping Random Girls Off Home

I made some friends with the girls by ripping some yellow plants off a tree and giving them to girls sitting down.  I gave a real big flower to the nicest girl there.  We stayed with them sitting out the front for about half an hour.  Then we left to give these two girls a lift home.  They were pretty nice and were sitting in the back with me.

We got going and Rory took it up to 100km/h.  I told the girls that my hands were cold and put them between each ones legs because I was in the middle.  I then started playing with the one on my right and stroking her leg.  They wanted to come out with us for a bit but Rory took them home and didn’t even know why he done it.  Later he slapped himself on the head for what he done.

We got driving.  We saw another girl from the party and we stopped her and asked her if she wanted a lift.  She told us, “I don’t even know yous.”  I said I knew her from the party, but she didn’t budge, so we called her a bitch and drove off.

Visit Berenice

We went to Berenice ‘s house for a while at 2:00 am in the morning.  Palmer was there.  We picked him up.  We stayed there for a bit and talked about the night with Berenice.

Then the guy that’s going out with Carey (supposedly, seeming she got onto the other guy today) drove down to see her at 2:00 am in the morning.

Watch A Fight On Queen Street

We left for Campbelltown and we went to Chevys where the chicks were coming out.  We saw these two guys having a blue.   Then the guy’s friends started coming.  One of them was Nipper.  They all ran after this one guy.  Hudson ran up the street with them.  We all got in our cars and followed the fight.  They were punching up all the way up the street.

We went back to Chevys and parked the cars to watch some more hot chicks come out.  We stayed there for about 20 minutes.  Then we got going home.

I got dropped off home at 3:30 am.  I didn’t get to sleep until 4:00 am.

Gym Routine

I woke up at 10:00 am because Keith rang me up for the gym.

I got up and had a shower, ate and woke up, putting some clothes on.  He came soon after that.  I got some towels and we went to the gym.  We drove down and I told him about last night.

exerciseThis is what I did at the gym today.

Warm-up: Four minutes on the bike with Keith, burning around 35 calories even though I wasn’t watching the calorie thing.  I didn’t have much to eat this morning but I did good, doing some stretching for most of the body-parts I trained.
Chest: I started with 80 pounds on Bench Press after a warm-up and done 15 reps on it steadily.  Keith didn’t really hinder my workout much so that’s good for me.  I then did a set with 60 pounds for another warm-up with Keith.

I did a set of Peck Deck with 40 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then did a set of Bench Press again and with 120 pounds done 12 reps.

I then rested and done another set of 12 reps with the aid of Keith.

Lats: I started on Seated Cable Rows and with 50 pounds done a warm-up of 15 reps.  I then set it up to 80 pounds and done 12 more easy reps.  I put the weight up to 110 pounds and done myself 12 reps.

Then I went to Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns to do a set of 10 reps with 80 pounds.  Putting the weight down to 60 pounds I done 6 more reps before going onto a new body part.

Quadriceps: I started on Leg Extensions with 50 pounds and done 20 reps.  After some stretching we jumped on Leg Press and I put it on 80 pounds to do a warm-up of 15 reps.  Then, the weight was put up to 160 pounds and 12 reps were hammered out.  Once again, the weight was put up to 240 pounds and I done 12 more reps trying to go wide on my stance.
Hamstrings: I started on Bent Lying Leg curls with 50 pounds for a warm-up doing 15 reps.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and done 12 pretty hard reps.  I then put the weight up to 130 pounds and done 12 more reps but slower and more controlled on the descending part.

I then got onto Seated Leg curl and with 100 pounds done 12 reps.

Deltoids: I got 25 pound dumbbells and done Overhead Dumbbell Press for 12 reps.  I then got some 40 pounders and pretty easily done 12 more reps and that was it for the shoulders.
Abdominals: Like shoulders, I only done 2 sets for Abdominals and the first one was on Machine Ab Crunch with 120 pounds doing 25 reps.

We then got onto Crunches and I got a 20 pounder and done 30 reps.  I was going to stop at 25 but I went for the good burn.

Biceps: I only done one set of this on Standing Cable Curls with 35 Kilo’s doing 12 reps.

Keith done pretty good for his first time, but he didn’t really do that much weight to what he expected.

Right now I am eating my food.  Keith is at cricket doing his shit.  It is a really nice, HOT day, so I am going to I eat a bit of this nutritious food and then go outside to get a good tan after.

Miroslav has my number now.  He might be going to the city tonight.  I might be going with him if he rings me.  If he doesn’t ring, then I know that Brodie’s house will have some people there, even though he’s not having a party tonight.

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