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Mad Chaos: Monday, November 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Job Search In CES

There had to be an overlap somewhere in time.  I guess the sooner the better, so I hope the schedule is back to normal.

employment studyToday I woke up at 11:30 am and took Keith’s form down to hand it in for him after time.  I then went to look for a job.  I didn’t find any new clerical jobs, so I looked for a normal job and found one.

I was supposed to go for it but I didn’t end up having enough time for it and I was rushed.

Visited Binh

I went to Bình’s shop after that.  He was supposed to have shut shop in Campbelltown but he’s still there.  I talked to him.

Cancel Job Interview

Then I went home, got ready for the interview, and then walked to the bus stop to catch a bus to Campbelltown.  I didn’t get on it and instead rang up Rory to see what he was doing.  Maybe I could get a lift with him.  I wasted my money.  I couldn’t catch a bus.

Pizza Hut Runs With Rory

I walked to the back of Pizza Hut.  Rory was down there.  I went on a couple of runs today.  I found out that last night Palmer got onto Sonya, the bisexual that got onto Summer.

We both got really silly.  We were spotting Celicas, and he was driving the car with his hand on the accelerator pedal.

Sonya and Palmer were in the back of Rory ‘s car for about 4 hours while he was doing his runs.  Saha was in the car too.

We dropped Shayma off home.  She had some flowers that a secret admirer gave to her at school.

We went around for a bit more.  Then Rory signed off.

Visited Valerie

We went to Berenice’s house where Valerie pampered me.  At first she snobbed me off and didn’t say hello to me.  Then she’s all over me.  If I was her boyfriend then I wouldn’t put up with what she’s doing, but of course, he doesn’t know.

Keith came down a bit later.  I went out with him in his car.  We went to my house for a bit, where he picked out a movie that him and Tamsen would watch.  We watched some at my house.  Then we left for Berenice’s house.

Valerie was going to the shops and she left her keys in her room and locked it.  We were going to break it down but we didn’t.

Waiting On Work Reference Letter

I still want to go to that house and steal the fridge from it and get some reward money from it.  I want to get some cash up for the Summer break.  It is looking as if I won’t be getting a full time job for a while.

I still haven’t received my reference from Mila yet and I bet she will say that it is in the mail already or something like that.  I hate when people give you the run around.  I worked for her for free, done a good job, and she doesn’t give me a reference!

Fuck life!

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