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Mad Chaos: Friday, November 1, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos


Elderslie High School Work Experience Final Day

work iconToday I woke up at 6:30 am to go to my last day of work experience.  I was a bit tired but not enough to not go to work.  I done the usual shit.  Then I left the house.

Halfway down the street remembered I didn’t have my good luck chain on so, I went back for it.  I got it and some money for a bus to Campbelltown.  I then caught a bus.

Brock and Clayton were on the bus.  I got off near Pizza Hut to get my money out the bank.  I bought some drink.  Then I went to wait for my bus.

I caught the first bus.  Clayton was on it.  We had a nice talk.

I did work.  It went pretty nicely.

I left normal time and caught the normal school bus.  I listened to Brock being a dickhead.

Rory Reveals Valerie Was Raped

I got off at Campbelltown and got in the car with Rory, since he was down at Pizza Hut and his car didn’t look that bad.  It just had one dent in it.  I went to see him at the front counter, then went back to the car.

Janice and Celeste came down and we talked for a while.  Then we went on a run.  I found out that Celeste wants to get onto Ned and Ned likes her too.  Then Rory told me something that changed the day around from good to ANGRY.

He said that if he told me it would make me want to kill the person that done it.  I didn’t know what he was talking about and thought it was just that someone called me a fuck-wit or something.  He told me that Valerie got raped by her so-called friend from the country.

When Rory told me that, I went pale, and my face changed from a smile to a sullen-eyed face.  I believed it straight away because Rory is over lying to me, especially on something like that.

I knew he was sleeping in her room and all that but she said she wasn’t going to try anything and it didn’t bother me.  I found out though, that Berenice was also in the room when it happened, so I don’t know what to believe, because I don’t know how Valerie thinks.

I remember the guy was high on pot and that he was missing a tooth.

When I see him he’s going to have a crowbar in his fucken jaw.  They’ll have to pry the fucker out with a fucken tractor.  I don’t like anyone raping anyone and this is just getting a bit personal.

I promised Rory I wouldn’t say anything to get him involved but I told him that we should go over their house tonight.  We’re going to cut my hair with Rory’s stuff.

Reflecting On The Month

From last month to this month was pretty packed.  There is not going to be any letting down this month.  It’s going to be packed.

Planning Ahead

I’m getting my speaker for my system tomorrow.  I’m going to go get Warren G’s album from Sydney or somewhere closer.

I’m going to start at the gym again this month.  That will be all my money well spent.

I want to get that book about home speakers, so I might get that also because I have money to spare.

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