Mad Chaos: Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Elderslie High School Work Experience

Today I got up at 6:40 am.  I was a bit late to wake up.  I had some pizza to eat from yesterday.  Then I had a shower and put my hair up.  I caught a bus from Bradbury shops to Dumaresq street, and caught a bus to the school from there.

work iconI had another normal day with an hour more of sleep than last night.

I done some more of the usual shit.  I had no lunch or recess, but the good thing about today was sport, and some relaxing.

I didn’t have to catch the bus with many people.  I missed the bus I had to catch and waited 20 more minutes.

Pizza Hug Deliveries With Rory

In Campbelltown I went to get my concession, and got it.  I then went to ring Keith on a payphone.  His mobile wasn’t working.  I started walking to the bus stop, when I saw Rory.  He gave me a lift.

We went to the back of Pizza Hut.  I got something to eat.  I put on Rory ‘s pizza hut gear, including the hat.

We went for a delivery, and we saw the fat guy with the blue Sigma that goes over Berenice’s house now and again, and also that guy with blonde hair that might like Valerie.

I got a lift home and ate some more shit.  Then Keith came.  We talked for a bit.

Then I invited him and Tamsen in.  It’s the first time she’s seen my room.  She thinks it is for a gay guy but she didn’t see it all.

Keith’s coming in about half an hour just after 9:00 pm.  I am going to get him to take in my dole form tomorrow.

Missed A Job Interview Call

employment studyWhile I was at work I saw this job in there that is in Sydney on George Street.  I rang up for it and they rang me back up but I wasn’t home.  I’m going to call that up tomorrow and see what is going on with it.

I am getting my resume redone.  If I take half a day off for this job then I’m going to get my resume done at Skillshare, get it sent to the place by fax to look good, and then I’m going to go to my work experience.

I don’t really want to go tomorrow because it is too repetitive for something which I don’t get paid for.  Bethany said that this was supposed to be the best work experience as far as computers are, but it ain’t all that.  It is just routine.

So this job is going to be priority number one, and then work experience is priority number two.

Penis Problem

I just had a problem before I started writing this.  I got a problem with my dick!

I went to the toilet and all was fine.  I got out.  Then I felt that I had to go again, so I did.  I looked down.  My dick started to heat up and get bigger and shit because of the pressure on it.  I had a problem and I remembered that I might have had  a light wet dream last night and that might have stayed in there causing my dick to get hot and block it.

I feel like pissing right now and I am getting frustrated.

Selling CD Carousel To Silvester

If Silvester buys these videos off me, then I can get myself the carousel CD player that plays up to 5 CDs and has a remote control.  If he doesn’t want to buy it for $300 then I’m going to ask him for $250, and then $200, because the CD player only costs $300 now, down from $400.

Tomorrow is the last day of this month.  On Friday when I get my money and it is a new month, I will see how far I am going to go next month.

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