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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, October 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Work Experience In Elderslie High School

employment studyToday I started off the day sleepy, but I got up for it.  I had something more to eat and showered for a while.  I then put on some casual clothes, tied my hair back, and left on my bike.

I got there with ten minutes to spare.  We caught the bus and Clayton and Brock were there.  Work today was pretty much the same as yesterday, instead without Mila.  I learnt pretty quickly.  I didn’t have a problem today with anything, getting a lot of work done.  Considering that they aren’t paying me any money for my duties, I’d better get a good reference from both Helga and Mila.

I myself think that Mila will give me a good referee but Helga will be more down to earth because she believes in me more.

The Brat In The Library

I met my first brat in school today that poked fun at me, the library hangout worming motha fucka.  There was another person there that helped us out a bit for free today too.  Most of the teaching staff at the school have heard of me now, which is cool.

Play Piano In Piano Room

I didn’t play any gridiron or sports.  I went up to play music in the music room today, and had to play for half lunch.  I bought some lunch today and didn’t go hungry.  I ate, then went to play the piano.  They have a good piano and Chelsea, the teacher who is a pianist gave me the keys to get in.

I let in Clayton.  We stuffed around for a while trying to get the shit hooked up to a speaker and then Chelsea came in.  I played for them a bit of classical music.  We talked about me and I asked a few questions about her.

I’m going to go there tomorrow too, play some more music and maybe ask her if she wants to teach me something about piano – like learning the scales properly.

Bus Back To Campbelltown

After all the day was over I got on the bus and was kind of anticipating seeing Kelly, but I didn’t see her.

I saw Saverio and Bane and went up to talk to both of them.  Saverio is going in the gridiron team this year, or so he says.  If he does, he’s going to get lots of shit from my boys.

After I got back from the station I rode to see if I have a quote on my system that’s broken.  I found I’m getting it tomorrow.

Visit Rory

I then checked to see if Rory was in.  He was, but not outside.  So I went to the front and talked to him.  He told me a story of how Lance tried to bash him up by getting Gayla Sexton to call him over.  Then he went somewhere, and a car followed him to Liverpool, and then left.

Visited Nina For News About Kathryn

I then went to see Nina and she was with Mason.  I had to wait for Sam to get home so I could see the picture of her.  They have a picture of her and a lock of her blonde hair up there somewhere.  I have to go tomorrow to see it.

I saw Sam and he told me “Kathryn said for me to say hi, so hi from Kathryn.”  I got a look from Rina when he said that.  I think something could be still going on when she comes down, but I’m not sure yet.

I stayed at Keith’s house for a bit in Airds.  then he had to go to Tamsen’s house, so I saw Nina and then left.  I didn’t see Tatton today, but I was going to.  I saw Redd on his bike coming home.

Gym Routine

I went home, ate some food, and got ready to go to the gym.  I got there around 7:30 pm and spent an hour doing 3 sets for 6 mexerciseajor body-parts.

Warm-up: I started on bike and done 3 minutes for 20 calories and done some Chest Stretching, Back and Quad stretching.
Chest: I’m back now, back in the Gym, I was so ready that I wanted to scream to my fellow Gymies that I was back.

My weights didn’t go down that much actually and when I came back home to flex, I was almost as pumped as before.

I did a warm-up set on Machine Bench Press and with 80 pounds or so on it, done 12 reps after a stretch.

I stretched more and got onto Bench Press with 80 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and done 10 more hard reps that got the blood, once again flowing into my Chest.  I dropped weight to 100 pounds and done 10 more reps.

Latissimus: I started on Seated Cable rows for a warm-up and put it up to 50 pounds and done 12 reps.

I then went to do One Arm Dumbbell Rows and got a 55 pounder and done 10 reps with ease.  I put the weight up to 70 pounds and done myself 10 more reps with fair ease.

I was sweating right about now, really bad and it felt like everyone was staring at me going, “Wow, look at what he’s lifting and his size, he’s big!”.

I wish they were saying that as I got the 70 pounder and done 10 more reps with my arm on the bench lower for more lower Lat contraction.

Deltoids: This is where I got tired and started on Upright rows with 50 pounds fixed bar and done 12 reps.

I then got an 80 pound fixed bar and done Standing Military Presses for 10 reps.

It was a good burn but, I got onto Machine Presses and with 80 pounds done an awkward 10 reps.

Quadriceps: I started on Leg Press with 80 pounds and done 12 reps then a stretch.  I got on the 240 pounds and it felt really heavy for me like I could do it but it was too taxing on my legs.  I done 10 reps for that set and then kept the weight on and done 10 more reps with my toes all over the place.  I felt it in one Leg more than the other so I have to adjust next time.
Hamstrings: I was going to do Straight Leg Deadlift but I was way too tired for it and done Bent Lying Leg Curls starting with 80 pounds and doing 12 reps.  I then put it up to 110 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I was sweating a bit more now and after a drink of water done 10 more reps with 110 pounds.
Abdominals: I was going to make it easy on myself but the Machine Ab Crunch was in use so I went to do Crunches and my first set was easy doing 25 reps.  I then did harder reps on my next set and had to stop around 20 to take a breather and finish off doing 25 reps with a burning stomach.

My Abs are the most affected after a workout layoff and I think I was off for about 3 weeks.

For now I am doing 2 days a week doing the 5 main body-parts plus abs or arms or calves on occasions like this.

Have A Chat With Mom

I came home and didn’t have that much to eat, but I was full.  I have some eggs cooking now.

I went up to see my mum and ended up giving her a massage and stepping on her back.  She massaged my bad shoulder blade and it is almost healed now.  We talked about shit like the house, and girls, and shit like that for about an hour.  Now I am relaxed enough to go to sleep.

I had another pretty full day, and I don’t go to the gym until Friday or Saturday, depending on how my body feels.  I’m only going to go twice a week for maybe around 2 weeks and then after I get off this course, advance a bit to 3 or 4 weeks.  This course is fun though, getting up early for it is bad but, you get to like it when you get to work and see those fun faces you want to see.

Long Term Goals

I want to put my money coming towards some CDs to get the shit fixed in my room.  Then after getting a new resume done up, when a job comes through (everything is happening all at once), I am going to use the money I get from my job to do myself up, get bigger, get a car and help me move out of house.  Once that is accomplished then I can go out and save for a house.

  • Improve self
  • Buy a car
  • Move out of family home
  • Save to buy a house

I’m going to write down my long term goals now.

I will get to sleep in 10 or 20 minutes from now to get up early for tomorrow.

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