Mad Chaos: Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Dina Writes Imad Breakup Letter

As I was writing that last shit, Imad came over my house.  He came in my room, told me that Dina left the house, and is missing.  He then told me that they got into an argument about some shit.  Then he left for his dad’s house.

When he got back to Dina’s, there was a letter on the door.  It was pretty basic.  It said something like, “You have a lot to think about, and a lot to do, so if you want a —-.  Goodbye, I’m at my grandma’s”.  There was a missing word that Imad had to fill out and the letter didn’t really make much sense.

Confront Lance Graves Over Carey

Keith came to my house.  I told him about Carey getting onto Lance Graves.

After that Rory came and knocked on my door.  Rory came in with his story.  We decided to follow them, since there were 5 cars going there, and half of them were girls.

We got to Lance’s house and the cars all stopped.  We saw Lance go in the house and Luis Ward (the school teacher) come and have a discussion with us.  Imad went off at her.  Then we walked up to Lance to talk to him.

Imad sat next to Lance.  I sat next to all of them, Rory and a big pansy guy was up there.  Imad started going off at Lance and ‘Sneeze’ was back-chatting to him.  If that was me I would honestly bash the fuck out of Lance for even back chatting to me.  Imad was more angrier at him so I let him have some of the limelight.

Imad actually got into some action by pushing him into the brick wall (it would have hurt) and kicking him in the stomach.  The big pansy got in the way.  Imad and me challenged him.  He backed off, and Lance walked into the house.

Visited Berenice’s And Valerie

We then had some fun by almost running some people over.  Then we went back to look for Dina.  We checked her house twice, and her grandparent’s house.

Then we went to Berenice’s house where I saw a familiar car.  When we pulled up Imad was doing burnouts.  Berenice came out and Valerie was looking a little worried.

We then went in, and she was sitting there on one of the seats having a smoke with two guys that we knew.  They were sitting on the opposite seat.  I don’t know if anything was going to happen but as far as I’m concerned, they weren’t there for nothing.

I knew that Valerie would be back.  I had a vision that she would be there with someone but it wasn’t her old boyfriend.  I can’t remember the car but I remember the people that were sitting on the couch.

Imad got on the phone.  Valerie glanced at me once, and I winked at her.  She finished off her smoke.  Then while Imad was talking to Berenice, Valerie pushed Berenice in her room.  They closed the door and Valerie was lying on the bed.

I have an idea what they were playing at in the room, but that gave me a chance to intimidate the party, and it worked with Imad mostly talking.  I gave them handshakes to show them I’m the man.  Then I went to say goodbye to Valerie.  I was a bit weird but hiding it a bit.

I was playing the energetic, get-back-to-action guy.  She asked me “Aren’t you going to give me a goodnight kiss?”  I went and gave her one.  Then we talked about tomorrow.

Then me and Imad did some more burnouts on her grass, and then we left.

The Heart Of Hommie Bear

All the things I said before about Valerie were true.  If she does leave me for some reason then they still hold true, but the sign in my room that holds the most truth is the Heart of Hommie Bear, which says “I Hate You Women”.

That would hold true to Valerie because I didn’t need to know what she was doing and who she had over her house tonight, even though I’m not even going out with her and we have absolutely no commitments.

So, if she rings me tomorrow, then I’m going to do something with her, but that is only going to be one chance I am giving to her, if this shit is to persist.

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