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Mad Chaos: Thursday, October 10, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Seeking Work Experience With Mushroom Records

employmentI was supposed to go see Bethany today for an interview, but I forgot about it and I didn’t go to see her.  She rang me up shortly after I woke up and told me about it.  She told me to go and see her on Monday at 9:00 am when my course starts.  That’s all right with me.

I’m thinking if I want to ask her for some work experience then I should ask her for some experience with Mushroom Records down in Sydney somewhere.  They would probably get it for me as a typist and office assistant.  That way, if they give me work there, after the two weeks, then I will be able to see how they work and get our work done quicker.

I’ll  get on top of that idea tomorrow with my case manager, Bethany.  Then I’m going to go down to CES to check out some Jobs.

Hip Hop Rehearsal Session With Tatton

I stayed home for a bit after that.  Then I dressed up and went to Tatton’s house.  As usual he didn’t practice anything but I took over some CDs.  We listened to them and loaded up the lyrics that I was working on yesterday and rapped to them.

I went up to the shops and I got the number for Mushroom Records.  I rang it up later.  They gave me another number.  I rang that and they told me to ring tomorrow.  So I told Tatton to ring, since I gave him my bandanna, the white one.  I gave it to him and told him he could have it as long as he rang tomorrow, and if he practiced his rapping.

Watched “The Show” With Keith

After I practiced a bit with Tatton we went to see Nina.  She still hasn’t talked to Kathryn or so she says.  We then went to Keith’s house because Nina practically kicked us out.

We went to rent a movie.

While there I saw Tarina.  I had a talk to her, just talking.  She looks alright but I haven’t seen her for a long time.  She went to the party thing at Ingleburn R.S.L.

I then got out “The Show” about rapping.  It had all the major rappers having conversations.  It was pretty good actually and had some good shit.  Snoop’s name is really Calvin Broadus, so I’m wrong.

After that, we stopped the video because Keith went to sleep.

Jett No-Show For Group Session

I went to my house and waited for Tatton and Jett to come so we could get together.

Jett didn’t end up coming.  Tatton came around 7:10 pm, which was good time.  Jett didn’t come so we watched some TV.  We then went out to see for some action.

Chill At Brodie’s House

We went to Brodie’s house.  There were a couple of people there just chillin and shit.  I said hi to them because I knew them all, and I had my bandanna around my neck and my hat and beanie on top of it.  It was a style I saw on the video.  It looked good on the person but looked shit on me.

Visit Imad

After that we went to see Imad at Dina’s house.  We saw him in his car and called out and whistled, but he didn’t even hear us.  We chased them to my house and they weren’t there, so we came down to Dina’s house and thought they were at the party but that they had kept walking.  We walked up Dina’s street and he wasn’t there so I greeted Tatton goodbye.

Then Imad came out of nowhere and I whistled for Tatton.  He dropped Tatton off home.  I told him to drop off to see the party and he dropped off for a bit.

The Party

Harley and Janice were there and we dropped off and talked.  Imad left.  I got my part back now that belongs to my dad.

I stayed there for about an hour more watching Under Siege Two and watching Harley and Janice get more drunk.

Tarina also went to Brodie’s party.

Planning Ahead

It’s time to bust my time out of here and do some other shit and get ready for tomorrow with Bethany.

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