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Mad Chaos: Sunday, October 6, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Pari Visits

I had a wonderful sleep last night.

I got woken up at 10:00 am by a phone call from Pari Darzi.  He wasn’t doing anything so I told him to come over around 11:00 am and we’d do some shit.  I had a bit more sleep because it was a rainy day.  I was sleepy but I woke up when he came.

We read the paper first and had a chat for a bit.  Then we got onto the subject of bodybuilding and looked at muscle magazines.  Then we played the computer and played Formula One Grand Prix and North and South.

Ralf rang me.  He told me that he had come up with a good bass line and he wanted to come over.  I told him I’d go over around 3:30 pm.

Pari left around 4:00 p.m.

Look For Ralf

I ate a bit and then I left for Ralf’s house.  It was raining a bit.  He ended up not being home.

I then went to Campbelltown because I was already half way there.  I saw Rory, Palmer, Janice and Harley in Rory’s car doing jack-all at the back of Pizza Hut.  I talked to them for a bit.  Then I left when they left.

It started pouring down.

Ralf Teaches Me About Diction

I went to Brodie’s house because they told me Ralf was down there.  I went inside and Ned, Shawn, Brodie and Ralf were in there.  I sat down, had a bit of a rest, and talked to Shawn for a bit.

I then went over to see Ralf.  He was on the computer.  He told me about “diction” and how I should use it if I am to become a good rapper.  He also told me he was in a group called “Boys in Black” and they are pretty well known.  He was a back-up singer in it.  That spun me out when he told me that, so I listened a bit more and learnt.

I want all of the Sound Stream to do some lessons in diction and shit like that before we get a bit better.  Ralf could learn to be a bit of help to our group coming up.

Ambition Over Women

After that I came back home.  My dad got the shits because Imad still has his tools.  I am going to see Imad tomorrow.  He better have my dad’s tools at hand.

I was listening to some music just a bit ago, and I’m getting into the classical music just a bit more by playing it a bit more often now.

I know what I want to do in my life, and I’m not going to let a girl get in the way of that, so I’m only going to stay on this course for one more week and then I’m going to go on some work experience.

If I get acquainted with Carmen then that’s a bonus, but I have plenty of time to meet people like Carmen in my life, and with money.

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