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Mad Chaos: Sunday, October 27, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Getting Ready To Go Out

Today was the last day before I go back to work experience tomorrow.  It was spent pretty nicely.  After setting my clock forward last night, I woke up around 10:00 am.  Then I read the paper and got ready.

I didn’t have much to do today because for the first half it was raining.  I tried to fix my bike and didn’t succeed, but made it bearable until I send it in to get fixed.

I stayed home until 3:00 pm.  Then I got dressed to go out.  I put on the normal shit.

Seeing Ralf

I went past Ralf’s house.  It didn’t look like he was home so I kept walking.

Then he came out.

Wilfrid was over his house.  We talked for about an hour or so about shit.

Then I left for Campbelltown.  I went to Pizza Hut.  Keith’s car was there.  I was going to wait but I left after a bit, heading for Tatton’s house.

Sling Shots At Hanging Snails With Tatton

I went to Tatton’s house.  We got out the slingshot because we had nothing else to do.  We tied snails up with strings, hung them off a wall in a bundle, and shot rocks at them from a slingshot.  We were amused from that and killed them all.

Tatton Comes Over To Watch ‘The Program’

Then we left for my house.  We got a movie from Airds.  Then came over mine to watch ‘The Program’

I called Nina.  She would have talked to Kathryn tonight, but I’m not sure what is happening because I didn’t get time to call her up.

Then he went home.  I also played the piano today and I’m learning a song from The Phantom of the Opera.

Planning Ahead

So tomorrow, I have to go to work.  Then after work, I am going to get my new resume typed up either at Skillshare or at Mission Employment.  I will get it printed.  Then, I’m going to ring Nina to see about Kathryn.

I have to walk to the station tomorrow and walk back until my bike gets fixed, so I’ll have to wake up around 6:30 am and go around 7:30 am to get a bus.  Tomorrow is a pupil-free day.  There won’t be any kids in Elderslie high school but there will be me there working as usual.

I’m going to take my resume down with me tomorrow, and some music for me to listen to while I’m down there.  I will ask them to get references ready so I can get them typed up.

I might say also that my typing is pretty good.  I might take another typing test soon to see if I can type faster than 50 words per minute.

Right now I will play some more Phantom of the Opera.

Then I’m going to get ready to go to sleep.

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