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Mad Chaos: Saturday, October 26, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hang Out With Bane

Today started after a long sleep.  I got up, ate, and listened to music for a while.  I then went to go to Campbelltown and went to Dina’s house and talked to Caroline for a while.

employment studyI then went to Campbelltown to see what was happening.  I found Bane there.  We walked around for a while with some chicks he knew.  I went to CES to look for a job.  Then we went to check out the mall.

I went to check out about my contact lenses.  I found out that I have to have a prescription for it.  After that, it will cost me a bit and be a lot of effort to get colored contacts.

Then, we went to check out about putting my hair in braids.  It will cost me about $140 and about an hour and a half.

Bane told me to go down to Level 18 tonight.  I said, “I might as well.”  Rory said he was going down there too.

I called Rory after a while.  He met us at the front of the mall.  We talked for a bit and he dropped me off at home.

Preparing For Level 18 Nightclub

I listened to some more music and chilled for a bit.  Today also, Bethany called me to tell me that I have to go to work on Monday.  That was fine with me.

The cops didn’t call today, but the case manager came over around noon today.

I got ready for Level 18 and left around 8:30 pm.

I went to the shops at Bradbury and called Rory.  He got Celeste to pick me up.  She picked me up from the front of Bradbury shops and we went to Pizza Hut.

This is where the fun begins.

See Valerie At McDonalds

We went to the lookout but no one was there.  So we stayed there for a bit.  Then Ned showed up.

When I was with Celeste and she drove to McDonalds to pick up Aubree, I saw Berenice and Valerie down there.

Valerie came up and gave me a big hug, then some more hugs after that, and then some more.  She was high on “staying awake” pills and she couldn’t stop talking.  She looked very clean and beautiful.  She was supposed to go down to get money out of the bank but she ended up staying a bit.

We went back to Pizza Hut.  Ralf, Shawn, Leroy, Ned, Simon, all the girls, and the Bad Ad gang were there.  There was a colossal.

Sight Kauri Hohepa In Level 18

I found out that Kauri Hohepa was at Level 18.  I saw he had around 15 Aboriginals and friends with him that might start, so I stayed low for a bit.

I then knew that something was going to go down, so I walked past him.  When he saw me he jumped a bit, and then kept walking with his gang.

Waiting For Backup

I went into Pizza Hut and talked to Simon and Silvester.  I told them that something was wrong and I might be getting my bike back tonight.  He called Rory.

I waited for Rory at the front of Pizza Hut.  I waited for a bit and scared some Fobs with my attitude.  Then Simon went by and I talked to him for a bit.  He left.

Then Rory showed up.

I put my piece in his car and told him to call for some back up just in case some of them jumped in.  I didn’t think of calling Imad because I knew that I wouldn’t need him, and didn’t want to bother him.

I got Rory to ring Keith and he said he was coming straight away.  I started walking up to get Kauri, and Bane walked up to me.  I told him something was going on.  I told him if he wants to help me come and help, but he told me to take it easy, and asked for the knife back.

Some others came.

There were now about 4 cars there for me.  Rory, Palmer, Ali, Willie (I think that’s his name), and all the old school was there.

Willie And I Jump Kauri

They were starting to walk away.  There were only 3 or 4 people with me at the moment, so I jumped at the chance.  No one followed me except for Willie (which I think is his name).  I know him from Ali, from Pizza Hut, and the Ingleburn concert that we went to.

Me and Willie started walking up to them.  We had attitude.

Willie said to me, “Don’t worry man, if we go down, we go down together!

That triggered me off.

I gave him a hommie shake and kept walking.  I called Kauri out from in all his 15 friends.  Most of them kept walking, but there were about 3 or 4 big guys around 19 or older with him.  Later, they didn’t do anything.

I asked him about my bike.  At first he denied it, but then I got really angry and started going off at his friends saying, “Does anyone have anything to say to me?  Because if you do, come and get me, one at a time.”  I think that would have impressed Willie.

Kauri Confesses To The Crime

I kept going at Kauri, threw him up against a car, and started throwing him around.

He told me that he took my bike.  Then he told me someone at Minto had it.

I then went to talk to his Aboriginal friend that was around 20 years old.  He was scared as shit.

It shows that if you stand up for yourself, then you really do appear to be a hard cunt.

This has spurred me on now to be a harder cunt and to get the attitude.

I told him that I am going to go over his house tomorrow.  I knew where he lived, and I am going to his house at 10:00 am on the dot.  I am going to go with Imad and Keith and we are going to go to Minto and pick up my bike.  I might cut him a bit with my knife to show him not to take my bike again.

I’ve said before, there’s two things you don’t take from me; my possessions and my women, and they are both right.

So, we bum rushed with two people.  Then I got a lift back with Keith to my house.  The high is now over.  I think more highly of myself.

Planning The Strategy To Get Back My Stolen Bike

Tomorrow I’m going to call Imad and get him to come over around 9:00 am.  Keith is going to come over.  Then we are going to Felicity’s house to see exactly where he lives.

Keith says he knows a guy that knows where he lives, but he doesn’t want to get involved.  Me and Imad are all we need to prove something to these motha fuckas that try to take mine.

I am going to go to my last week of work experience.  Then I’m ready for some actual work.

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