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Mad Chaos: Monday October 21, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Elderslie High First Day Of Work Experience

employment studyToday I woke up at 6:50 am and had some milkshake, had a shower, tied my hair back, and got ready for the job at hand.

I rode down to the station and saw Clayton come out.  I locked up my bike and talked to him for a bit.  I found out that I am going to his high school.  We caught the late bus and got there 20 minutes past time.

Work Experience In School Library

Clayton introduced me to the library teacher whose name was Mila.  She comes from Yugoslavia.

It started off alright with me doing some data entry work and just filling in screens.  All the girls there have nice legs but they are young and have no bust line.

I got put on the front desk at the library, and people came up to me so they could borrow their books.  Like I am, I learnt really quick and had to use a red laser pen to read the pattern, and then use the computer, and a lot of other hard shit to get someone to borrow a book.

There were at least 10 people who came up to me for books.  Two teachers came up to me asking to borrow books and the rest of the day went quick.

Played Gridiron For Recess

I went out for recess.  We played Gridiron.  For half of lunch I played some more gridiron and hurt Brock a bit.  We were both going for a ball from the same team but I hit him because I thought he was the defense and barged him.  He was alright.

I told them I would meet them after school at the bus.

I didn’t have much to eat.  That’s going to get fixed for tomorrow.

I met some people and worked some good work.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad day for meeting girls, working, and learning.  I wasn’t scared of the first day cause I knew I would learn quick.

The Bus Back Home

Then we got onto the bus.  There was a nice girly on the bus, but when we got off at Campbelltown, I saw  a girl I know now as Kelly.  I saw Bane and talked to him.  I talked to Clayton and let Brock ride my bike.  I was in my suit clothes still and was ready to go, so I said goodbye.

Chatted Kelly Up

I went back to talk to Kelly cause she has cross eyes like Shellie.  I talked to her for a bit and found out she lives in Bradbury on one of the streets around Bradbury park starting with an ‘M’ near William’s house.  I talked to her for a bit.  It came out smooth.

When she was getting on the bus I said I would see her soon.  I told Clayton to go and ask for her number.

See Rory And Shayma

I was walking home and I saw Chisomo coming down the street, the idiot.  I talked to him for a bit and then kept walking to home.

I saw Rory on the way home and Shayma was sitting down.  She came over to the car while me and Rory got talking.  I had a little talk to her.

I know that I slept on Shayma’s leg when I was at Rory ‘s party.  I kept saying, “Be bye Shayma,” and she kept smiling.  She knows what’s going on so I’m having a good day.

It’s pretty lucky because I didn’t have my chain on today and had all this good luck regardless.

Drop In To Clayton’s House

I dropped in at Clayton’s house and found out he asked a girl that Johnnie got onto at a party one day and not Kelly.  The other one didn’t say yes anyway, or she sighed or something.  I didn’t want her number.  If I see Kelly tomorrow then I’m going to talk to her again.  She is a receptionist and I think she looks hot with those slight cross-eyes.

Planning Ahead

Now I might go to the gym or later but we have food to eat finally.  I might go see what Imad is doing or something like that.

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