Mad Chaos: Friday, October 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Did Nina Play Me About Kathryn’s Letter

Today I didn’t do much but, I’d first like to speak of what is on my mind.  I was just thinking about Kathryn and Nina.  I was thinking, why would Kathryn tell me to write to her all of a sudden just before her birthday and then I never get a reply from it?

Obviously from what Nina said, Kathryn wanted me to write to her, and I did.  Now she hasn’t written anything to my first or second letter.

I’m sick of this shit.

If Nina is lying to me then I’m going to be more pissed off, because Nina said she got the letter and all that, but only after I told her.  I was thinking to myself at the time when I wrote the letter and got her age wrong, that I shouldn’t tell Nina, and see if she told me about it.  That way I would know that Kathryn got it.  I’m just sick of getting played.

Friends Having Better Relationship Luck

I was also thinking today that everyone is getting themselves women, and here I am still lost and lonely.  I can’t believe it that people are having better luck than me in finding themselves a woman.

Tatton wants to get together with Candy the one that sucked on Bane’s dick.  Speaking of Bane, he is a pretty sick cunt these days.

Visit Case Manager

Onto a brighter note, I got up around 10:30 am today.  It is a lot better than what I used to get up at.

Today was the hottest day this year yet.  It was a scorcher and I sweated a lot.  If tomorrow is as hot as it was today then I’m going to go in the backyard and sun bake for a bit.

I went to Campbelltown to see Bethany.  On the way I stopped around to see if anyone was down Campbelltown, but there wasn’t.

I went and saw Bethany and she gave me the run around because she was trying to get onto one of the workers there.

Dreaming Of Touring Australia

After that little frenzy, I went to see Tatton and saw him on the way to hand in his form.  I got him on the way in and asked him if he called.  He didn’t, so I told him to ring me when he rang up Festival Records.

I was thinking today while I had my mental block that it would be good if I was live on stage doing my raps around Australian places.  Just going out and doing some numbers with some other rappers.

Then I thought of the guy I saw at Just Sport when I was trying to get my black bandanna.  I might go ask him where the next meet is going to be and get some background on all the shit that’s going on down here.  That way I could go see where he performed and how I could get into performing myself with other groups.

Keen For Recording Studio Work Experience

I want this work experience and I’m going to try and get it at a recording studio, and not necessarily in a studio but something to do with all that shit.  If I can’t get that, then I’m going to look somewhere else obviously.

Ride To Campbelltown

After I saw Tatton I went home.

Then I went for another ride to Campbelltown to see how much it would take to fix my sound system.  The guy’s are all idiots.  The guy I talked to bagged my amplifier and put my system down.  Dumb fuck has nothing better to do so, to get out of work – or better yet – to prolong it to get more money that fuck.

The movie that I rented yesterday “The Show”, is a sick documentary.  I was trying to get it copied but I couldn’t ask anyone to tape it for me.

On the ride home from Campbelltown I saw Rory and his party coming from the beach with Janice, Harley, William and a couple of others.  I talked to them a bit.  Then after that I left and went home to cool down.

Gangsters Don’t Wear Shorts

I worked out something today.  I was thinking to myself that everyone keeps asking me why I don’t wear shorts.  My answer now is going to be, “Do you ever see Gangstas wear shorts”, because you don’t.

Festival Records Gets Back To Tatton

Tatton called me a bit later.  I went to his house to see if he rang, and he did.  Festival Records are supposed to be sending him out a sheet of what the equipment is there.  It is supposed to be $100 an hour to have one of their studios.

Like the movie said, they had 5-6 years of experience on the streets rapping at all the parties that were around the neighborhood and at Discos and shit.

That’s what I wanna do, I wanna get paid.

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