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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, September 25, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Nina Confuses Me About Letter

I’m listening to Mariah Carey again with her ‘One Sweet Day’.  One sweet day around December I am going to see Kathryn and it is going to be a pretty sight, and I’m going to be dumfounded.  I’m going to write her another letter tonight, mail it tomorrow, and see if she replies soon to my letters.

Dumb Nina says I never call her up to talk to her anymore and it’s only Kathryn now.  Well, if she helped me out instead of being a bitch and only looking after her own life, then, I might have got this letter or some reply by now and that would be it.

She hasn’t talked to her for about two weeks or so she says.  I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.  I’m going to write my letter after I finish up writing this.  Then I’m going to watch some Star Trek.

Played Piano

I done something today that I haven’t done for about one month, and that was play the piano.  It’s been about a month since I’ve played Tubular Bells.  I still haven’t lost the touch.

There is always one song that sticks to your mind and you’ll never be able to forget how to play it no matter what you go through.  For my year 10 music teacher Sonny Davidos it was the wedding song.  For me it’s Tubular Bells.

Rap Lyrics On Floppy Disc Wiped

Today all in all was a good day.  I went to Tatton’s house because my rap disk was wiped for some reason.  Now it is recopied.

We are supposed to get together tomorrow but I don’t think it will be a good time to get together because it is too late and we need some sunshine to do our shit good.

Switchboard Work Experience

I went to the C.E.S and picked out a job interview for tomorrow at Ingleburn.

Then I went down to see Dianne my Case Manager.  I told her I wanted to brush up on some of the work listed and I got put on the master phone.  It is pretty hard.  My first call was pretty shaky but I got through it.  Then it came fairly easy.  There were well over 100 buttons on the phone.  Being a switchboard it was pretty hard but with a lot of questions to ask I got through it.   I stayed there for about an hour doing that and

Then I went up to Skillshare and done another Typing Speed Test with Janette.  This time after 3 tries I got 51 words per minute with 98% accuracy.  I updated my resume a bit and rearranged it to make it look neater.

I’m ready for this interview tomorrow but I don’t really know if I want this job.  I want to wait for this work experience that Mission  Employment is hooking me up on in one weeks time.  That’s going to be for 2 weeks time.  Then I have some experience to go somewhere.  I am feeling myself lucky in getting a job in the middle of October.

Visit Imad

After I done the work at Campbelltown I went home.  Then I went to ring Imad because he has a few things of mine, and I got a stamped envelope so I could write to Kathryn.

I rode to Imad ‘s dad’s house to see if he was there.  I saw the Celica and it looks pretty good, even though Ali smashed it.

Gym Routine

Anyway today I went to the gym.  Unlike usual, instead of eating some carbohydrate and then protein when I come back, I ate some spaghetti and then went on a bike ride to Imad ‘s dad’s house to get my metabolism up.  Then I had some chicken.

I had my workout and then I had some pretzels for carbohydrates and 2 Sandwiches and milkshake.  That wasn’t really that bad and it made me workout good and prolonged my workout, so I didn’t feel that fucked, and lifted more.

Here’s my workout.

Warmup: I got onto the bike and done 2 minutes of Cycling and burnt off 15 calories.  I then stretched all parts of my Legs stretching my Quads, Hamstrings and Calves.
Quadriceps: I started with 2 warm-ups on Leg Extensions and started on 50 pounds doing 15 reps.  I then put the weight up to 60 pounds and done 15 more slow reps.

I then jumped on Smith Squats and for warm-up done 10 reps with 80 pounds.  I then put the weight up to 160 pounds and done 8 more reps.  It was pretty easy but I had to stop short because the Smith Machine wasn’t working that good.

I then jumped onto Horizontal Leg Press and done 15 reps with 200 pounds for a warm-up.

I then got onto Leg Press and put it onto 320 pounds and waited a bit and then proceeded to do 8 slow reps.  I took it very slowly and paused twice in the set because I wanted to let gas.  I left it on this weight and done 8 more reps on it.

It is fairly easy if you take it up slow and down fast.  I left it on this weight once more and done 6 reps and then stopped.  I paused and done 3 more reps.  I finally put the weight down to 280 pounds and done 8 more reps to finish off the Pump for Quadriceps.

Hamstrings: It was smooth sailing for this body part as I started on standing Leg Curls and on 10 pounds done 15 reps.  I then put the weight up to a new 50 pounds and done 8 reps each leg.  I then put the weight up again to 60 pounds and done 8 more hard pulsating reps.

I felt it good in this and then I went to Lying Leg Curls and done 8 reps with 90 pounds.  It felt all good in the Hamstrings because I haven’t done this exercise for a while.

I then got onto the bent Lying Leg Curls and put it on 140 pounds and done 8 more reps.  I then put it down to 120 pounds and done 8 more easy reps for the Hamstrings.

Calves: I started on Donkey Calve Raises and put it on 160 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then put it up to 260 pounds and done myself 12 reps before conking out.  I put the weight up to 280 pounds and done one more set doing 12 reps.

I then got onto Standing Calve Raises and done 12 reps with 200 pounds.  I left it on this weight and done 12 more reps.

I then went to Seated Calve Raises but a new one that uses your bodyweight also to lift up with your Calves and put on 80 pounds plus my bodyweight and done a sick 12 reps.

Planning Ahead

CD Purchases

I’m going to buy some Blackstreet and some Looniz when my money comes next.  I can’t wait until this Job opportunity comes up for me.

Write Letter To Kathryn

Now I’m going to write this letter to Kathryn.

Then I’m going to watch Star Trek and then get ready for this interview tomorrow.

Rapping And Gym

Then I got some gym to do and then maybe some rapping.  I’m thinking of doing it on Sunday in the day when it is nice and sunny.

There’s been a couple of big spiders around the house lately.

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