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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, September 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Letter From Recording Studio

I am waiting for the letter that is supposed to come from the sound studio for the Brite Wite Niggaz.  That is supposed to be here.

As for the other letter, it doesn’t really matter if I get it or not, because I came into agreement with the other boys that we might be doing our shit somewhere else.

Letter From Kathryn

I’m also hanging out for that letter from Kathryn now badly.  It was supposed to be here probably ages ago and it still hasn’t come.  The other one that she sent me took ages too, so it could be the mail service.

If that shit from Kathryn doesn’t come by tomorrow I’m going to go up to the post office and ask about it, and see if they have lost one to my addresses from this person.

I can’t wait to read this letter from Kathryn though, to see how long it is and what she has written for us.  Because from the 8 or more pages that I have written to her, the CD and 3 cards, I am bound to get a bit of thanks.

I am just wondering how much she will thank me when she gets down here, and if she will wear what I asked of her when we see each other for the first time again.

Breakfast Club At CES

employmentToday I woke up before 9:00 am to go to see my case manager.  I got there and stayed for the Breakfast Club thing, and then left at around 10:00 am.

I went home and my back tire went flat, so I walked most of the way.  Then I ate some and rested.

Contact The Boys

Tatton rang me up.  I told him I was going to go to his house after gym.

Jett also rang me.  I paged him while I got some shit for my mum.  Then he rang me and we had a hearty conversation.

Drive With Keith To McDonalds

At the start of the day I called Keith.  He picked me up and we went to McDonalds to wait for Imad.

He dropped me and Rory there while he got Ned to drop Tamsen’s car off.  I had a conversation with Rory.

Then Keith came back.  Imad didn’t end up coming so I went back home.

Gym Routine

exerciseI then went to the gym and this is what I did.

Warm-up: I just done some stretching for the chest and also my back and didn’t do any bike work.
Chest: I started with Machine Fly’s and with 20 pounds done 20 reps with light strain.  I then went to Peck Deck and done 15 reps with 40 pounds on it.  Walking over to a bench I got out a 40 pound Dumbbell and done 10 reps for Pullovers.  I then got a 60 pound Dumbbell and done 8 more reps.  These were pretty hard and I paused and done one more set of 8 reps and I was pretty pumped after this.

Walking over to Bench Press I put the weight up to 120 pounds and done 8 reps fairly easy and without much strain.  I wasn’t loose enough but I put it up to 130 pounds and done another 6 reps and then put it down, picked it up and done 1 more rep.  That was good.

Then I went to Incline Dumbbell Press and I got out the 70 pounders and I knew it wouldn’t be that productive getting out 3 reps.  I dropped weight to 60 pounders and done 7 reps.

I was almost done when I walked to Machine seated Bench Press and done 8 reps with 140 pounds and one or two helped reps.

Lattisimus: I wanted to do widening exercises and started as a warm-up on Seated Cable rows and with 40 pounds done 15 reps.

I then got onto Close Grip Pull-downs and with 140 pounds done 8 hard reps.  I then dropped down to 130 pounds for comfort and done another 8 reps.  It was time for some more pull-downs.

I got onto Wide Grip Pull-downs and put it up to 80 pounds and done 8 reps which were hard because of Grip and then put it down to 60 pounds and done 8 more to exhaustion.

I then got onto Hammer Grip Lat Pull-downs and unlike the wide grip, these were to the front and started on 120 pounds for 8 reps and then, I dropped to 105 pounds for 8 more reps.

Biceps: This got me pumping and I got some 20 pound Dumbbells and warmed up for 12 reps on alternate dumbbell curls and then got out the 35 pounders and done 8 reps that got the blood pumping.  I then stayed on that weight for the pump and done another strainful 8 reps before conking.
Deltoids: I was originally going to do Triceps but I told myself to do Shoulders and got out a 60 pound fixed bar and done some Standing Push Press for 8 reps.  My hands are big on this exercise so I went to 80 pounds and done 8 more reps.

I was going to do a shaping exercise but I said, Fuck it, and done another 8 rep set with 80 pounds.

William Drives Me To Tatton’s

After gym I saw William with a girl in his car.  He picked me up and took me to Tatton’s house.  The girl was alright and her name was Bella.  She was the 13 year old that looks like a 16 year old that he got onto.  Now he’s going with a girl called Elise that is really 16 and he is going pretty good with her.

Induced Lunacy Lyrics Penned

I went to Tatton’s and we worked on a rap.  That was pretty sick about us getting high on laughing gas and just doing fucked shit in my room.  It was fucken funny.  When Jett hears it I think he is going to cack himself.  We worked for 2 or 3 hours.

Then I had dinner there and left for home.

I’m going to eat some cake now that my mum made.  Then I’m going to have another early night.

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