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Mad Chaos: Monday, September 9, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Domestic With Brother

Today was a relaxing day with my mum but a selfish day for my brother.  He is still fighting with me because we didn’t buy shit for him, and he didn’t even say for us to buy shit.

He came into my room at 9:00 am or earlier in the morning and got a shirt and then apologized.  I wanted to tell him not to come into my room while I was still sleeping because it fucken pisses me off when anyone does it.

Food Shopping Day

I woke up at 10:00 am because my mum came in my room and actually wanted to go shopping.  She didn’t make any trouble today so that’s good news.  We got some good shopping done.

After that I came home, had something to eat and went to the C.E.S where I didn’t find anything and came back home.

I want to go to the Solarium tonight but I couldn’t be bothered because I’m too tired.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the gym today and had a good workout.  I’m about to write it down now.

Warmup: Today’s warmup was a good one and I done 2 minutes on the bike and lost 20 calories.  I then stretched my Quads, Hamstrings and my calves.

My Ankle is still in pain and it aint healing properly so I couldn’t stretch it properly.

Quadriceps: I started on Machine Hack Squats, the 45 Degree version and put the stack up to 80 pounds or so and done 15 reps slowly.

I then got onto Leg Extensions and with 50 pounds done 15 more reps with my Legs out faced so I could work it differently.  I then got onto Smith Squats and put on 80 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then put the weight up to 160 pounds and done 8 more reps.

I go all the way down on these reps for all my Quads exercises and then I went to Leg Press and put on 280 pounds and done 10 reps.  It was easy but not really easy so I put the weight up to 300 Pounds and done myself 10 more pretty hard but easy reps pumping big blood.

I then moved onto Hack Squats and put on 200 pounds and done 8 reps going almost all the way down but on this it is hard for me to do.  I then put the weight down to 160 pounds and done 8 more reps fairly easy.

Hamstrings: I started with a warmup on Bent Lying Leg Curls and with 60 pounds done 20 reps.

I then went to Straight Leg Deadlifts and with the Olympic bars had 40 Kilo’s on it and I done 8 reps and pulling the bar up as I went down so I could take it down lower for the stretch.  I put on 30 more Kilo’s but couldn’t handle it so I put it back down to 40 Kilo’s and done 8 more reps.

I then went back to Bent Lying Leg Curls and put it up to 100 pounds and done 8 reps.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and done 8 more reps.  It was getting hard by now but, I put the weight up to 140 pounds and done 8 more very hard reps.

In my Hamstrings I felt that tickle that I felt when I first started weight training and could only handle 10 pounds or 20 pounds at Maximum.

Calves: This was actually productive and I stretched for it and then I started on Donkey Calve Raises and on a warm-up weight of 120 pounds I done 20 reps slowly.  I then put it up to 200 pounds and done 15 more reps rotating my legs outward for the outer part of my Calves.  I then went up to 260 pounds and done 15 more reps the same way.

I then went to Standing Calve Raises and done 15 reps with 180 pounds and rotated my Legs inward.  I then put the weight up to 200 pounds and done two more sets doing 15 reps for each one and going slowly.

Hip Hop Group Named

More news is that Tatton broke his microphone.  He’s going to get another one like the one that I have.

Jett also rang me up and we had a good conversation.  Then I went over to his house and dropped off the Raw beats tape and the disk and the tape with all of us on it.

I came up with Brite Wite Niggaz for our group.  What else is alright is Ivory Niggaz and there was also Pitch Dark Poetry but I’m a go wit da first 1.

Contemplate Dat Recording Studio

I also rang up Dat Studio in Crow’s Nest and found out for an hour that they charge $150, and that’s with every kind of instrument in there that you could think of.  All I want to do there is get some beats done up for the group, so as we can rap to our own beats we made up.  If it does cost us $150 then it isn’t really that much of a downfall as long as we got some music to listen to.

We should be getting together again by Sunday.  By then they should have come up with some more shit for me to mix up on the disk and have fun with.

Tonight I’m going to get some funny raps done up so I can sort of slow rap it.  That’s going to be made into a song.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I want to go to Johnnie’s house to get my haircut, or I could even get it done here.

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