Mad Chaos: Monday, September 23, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today I got up at 11:00 a.m. and had another nice sleep.  Then I had something to eat.  I went to the shops and bought some shit.  I didn’t have much to do.

Fill Waterbed With Water

I started to empty the waterbed to try to see what the problem was, and it took at least 2 hours to empty it down to a level that I could work on it.  I had it fixed and I started filling it up and then it broke again.  I started hitting it to fix it, and it did and started filling up again.

It was time to go shopping and I told them I would meet them at the shops so I could finish the waterbed.  I got it finished and the heater is still working now.

We went shopping and it was done pretty quick.  I rode there on my bike and then I rode back on my bike and I had something else to eat.

Gym Routine

exerciseThen I went to the gym.

Warmup: I started on the bike and done 2 minutes on it and burned 18 calories.  Then I stretched the Chest and the Triceps a bit.
Chest: I started on Peck Deck on 40 pounds and done 15 reps after a stretch.

I then got onto Cable crossovers and done 15 reps with 30 pounds on each hand and done it standing mostly up.

I then got onto a bench to do Incline Dumbbell Presses and started on a warm-up weight of 40 pound Dumbbells doing 8 reps.  I then put it up to 70 pounders and I thought it would be too heavy but it turned out I could do 8 reps with that weight.  That was a good set.

Then I got onto Bench Press and put on 140 pounds and got myself a spotter called Gary that’s new there but is a good spotter where I done 6 reps by myself and then 2 extra reps.  Considering I done an all out set before that, it was a pretty good effort.

I then put the weight down to 120 pounds and he spotted me again and I done around 4 reps by myself and got spotted to do 7 reps before quitting.  That done good for me because with a spotter I get a better workout.

I then got onto Machine Seated Press and put it up to 150 pound and done about 6 reps by myself before getting wicked and spotting myself to 2 more reps.  I was really screaming today and it might be the Creatine that I took a bit ago.  I then put the weight down to 130 pounds and done 8 more reps.

I then got onto Peck Deck again and put it up to 40 pounds again and done 10 more reps before going to back.

Lattisimus: I started with warming up on Seated Cable Rows with 40 pounds and done 15 slow reps.

I then got onto T bar Rows and done 8 reps with 120 pounds on it.  It was pretty hard and then I put it down to 100 pounds and done 8 more reps.

I then got onto Machine seated Rows and put it onto 120 pounds and done 8 reps.  I then rested a bit and done another 8 reps on this weight.

I got an 80 pound dumbbell and done some One arm Dumbbell Rows for 8 reps on each side.

Biceps: Although that was short it was a good back workout.  I started on Bicep Curls with 60 pounds fixed and done 8 reps.  Biceps was actually a good grunting match for me.

I got onto a bench to do Alternate Dumbbell Curls with 35 pounders and my Biceps pumped today were 14.3 inches.  I done 8 reps just with this weight and had a bit of a rest.  My Biceps were red and then I done another set with the same weight and got to about 6 reps and I could really feel the lactic acid building but I went on to do 8 reps.

Deltoids: I started on the Seated Machine Overhead Press and done 8 reps with 80 pounds on it.  I then put it up to 90 pounds because it was a bit easy and done a medium hard 8 more reps.

I then got some 40 pound dumbbells and done 12 reps on Shoulder Shrug.

My waterbed is now heating up and the heater is working.

After my workout I had something wholesome to eat.

Group Hip Hop Session

Then I was ready for everyone to come over because Jett had a free day today.

We had a pretty dry session because we couldn’t think properly so we didn’t get much done.

Sibling Hatred

I’m starting to fucken hate my brother now.  Because of a time long ago that we had a bit of an argument over him bothering me, it escalated because he doesn’t know how to be a civil mother fucker.

After that fight that we had and he got sent to the cop station for a night I haven’t talked to him.  I do want to but he’s a stubborn mother fucker.

Thinking Of Stabbing My Brother

Tonight I was in my room with Tatton, Jett and Norton.  Then my brother comes in at 8:30 pm to tell me to shut the fuck up because he is going to go to sleep.  He swore and put me and my friends down in front of me.

I wanted to smash the cunt’s fucken head in right there.

When he left, I got out my knife and I was thinking about going up and stabbing the cunt, but I was stopped by the others from doing it.

Every day he tries some fucken shit the more I hate him, and the more I want to blow his fucken brains out.

No one needs him in this life, he isn’t helping anyone, and he has no life, so why try to fuck up a life that someone else is having better luck with.  Because he doesn’t have no fucken life at all, doesn’t mean he should try to fuck up mine.

Planning Ahead

This Monday coming up I’m going to go to an interview thing so I can get some work experience with typing.  I’m going to practice all this week so I can brush up on my shit before it happens.

I’m also going to write a letter to Kathryn tonight because I feel like writing one because hers hasn’t come yet.

I’m also going to have a shower and some other shit before I get some sleep tonight.

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