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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, August 6, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today I got up just before 12:00 pm because of some reason or other.  Today was to be a hectic day but it didn’t turn out to be so hectic.

Actually, today was a busy day because I ate my breakfast while I got the census completed.  Then I dropped off the Anatomy books to Campbelltown library.  Then I went on my bike ride.

40 Km Bike Ride

exerciseMy bike ride took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes or less.  I averaged 30 Km an hour.

After my bike ride I saw Bình.

I didn’t go to the CES today but, I’m hoping to go tomorrow.

See Pari

Then by chance I saw Pari at the supermarket as I was coming from my 40 Km bike ride.  I just said hello and shit and we talked for a while.

I will be going down to see Pari tomorrow to ask him for the negatives of us and Osama in Feelin Fit posing and all that.

He had his protein shake and then we said our good-byes.

Weight Training With Imad

exerciseI then rode to Imad’s because he rang me today.  We did some weights.  We did 3 sets of Bicep Curls with fairly heavy weight and some Overhead Presses again with fairly heavy weight.

I have my new Training program ready for me as soon as this one finished this week.  The next one uses mostly free weights.  I’m including my shoulders this time to do the rear and side Deltoid more.

Talk To Nina

Then I saw Denim at the shops, a school friend and Nina.

I talked to Nina about Kathryn and she said that Kathryn was excited to get my letter that I’m going to send.  That made me happier to send it.

Preparing Kathryn’s Gift

Once home, I sat down and wrote a letter on the computer.   It’s saved on this disk.  It will end up being around 4 pages long and it is all poetic. I haven’t had the chance to browse through it but it sounded good when I wrote it.

I’m also sending her three of my pictures, the first one being the one with me, Imad, Tino and Tatton out the front of Imad’s old house in Airds.

Another one was of me at the bushes doing a pose in my posing jocks doing a Bicep/Chest flex with hands together behind the back on a side on shot.  It was my favorite bodybuilding picture because at the time, it showed my symmetry and also my face was at a good angle.

The third picture was of me with my head in shot of me getting hit by Imad’s old Datsun that he could not get running.

I’m also sending her Tony Rich Project because it has some meaning and then I’m going to hope she likes it all.

Writing Classical Composition

Also today, I got the urge to finish my classical song but I only got to the next part of the song only completing a few bars.  Sometimes I complete my music like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes it takes me ages.

I listened to Mariah Carey most of today and it still sounds blissful to my ears.

Feminine Posters On Bedroom Walls

I’ve got a new poster on my wall now of Kylie Minogue and It’s pretty big.  I put it where Christina Applegate used to be and moved her to one of the speakers.  Now my room looks a bit less daunting because of all the bodybuilders.

The first thing that would catch your eye if you are new to my room is the Bodybuilding posters on the walls, and tons of them.  So I put some femininity in here.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to let my legs get a bit of hair on them again.  I’m going to start anew with treating them.

When my next pay comes in this Friday, I’m going to start paying for the Solarium again for 6 sessions.  I’m going to try and get some Musical scores from the Olympic Games music, but if I can’t then I’m going to get some more women posters for this room.

I always say this but, I hope I can get to sleep early tonight.

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