Mad Chaos: Tuesday, August 27, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I had an earlier night last night but I slept until 10:30 am.  Then I had my breakfast and went over to Tatton’s house.

Lyrics Review With Tatton

I showed him my raps and then he showed me his.  They are pretty good raps but just need a touch or two on the rough drafts.

Campbelltown Prop Shopping

Now today was the day that we went to Campbelltown and checked out shit down there for the group.  This shit is coming left right and center for the group.  We still haven’t got a name for our group but today we added some more things to our list.

We went to Tandy and looked at a triple jack output thing for 3 mikes to fit onto it.  You can turn the volume of each mike down or up depending on what he is singing.  That was only worth $40 so if we all spent $10 on it, we can have it.  The person who wants to own it pays an extra $10 for it.

Then we need some microphones.  Tatton already has one.  I have a shit one but I’ll buy one with the pay I get after this one.

Bone Yard Recording Studios

Tatton and I checked out a place called Bone-Yard recording studio, but it did not open until 6:00 pm.

Me and Tatton actually went to see a place called Bone-Yard that is a recording Studio.  With shit there that was worth its weight in gold.  I talked to this shit there named John and it was all heavy metal they recorded.

We went to the place checked it out and stayed for about 15 minutes there.  As we got out we started fucking making jokes about the idiots in there and their fucking head-banging music.  We laughed our dicks off when we got out of there.

Animal Noises On The Train

Also on the train we made animal noises as loud as we could and everyone in our carriage got out.  Everyone was looking at us from the other carriage and I was just cackling my dick off.

We got out and went to Macers down Campbelltown.  I saw Aubree there.  She was actually being friendly waving to me.  We had something to eat.

Jett’s House

Then we walked to Jett’s house minus a Tatton.

I went to Jett’s house and showed him my shit.  Then he showed me the Sound Effects tapes that he had (four of them), and each had about 80 sound effects on it.

I lent the Sound Effects CDs and the walkman for the workout tomorrow and then I left for home.

Deciding On A Hip Hip Group Name

Now I’m going to write some more shit about the group and try to work out a name for us.

Jett came up with the TTJ not for our group but that it stands for Tatton, Tony, Jett.  With that you can also make TJT and JTT.

Planning Ahead

Now tomorrow I’m going to the gym and working out to my workout tape.  I might go to the solarium.

With my paycheck after this I’m going to go to the gym and buy some Nike pants, which leaves me $60 to spend on a microphone and its 3-way jacks.  I might invest money into the 3-way Jacks this pay.

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